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Africa - Asia - Australia - Europe - Latin America - North America

africaA giant and diverse continent, Africa is a mixture of expansive arid deserts and contrasting tropical jungles. Mount Kilimanjaro, the Sahara Desert, the pyramids of Giza, Table Mountain at Cape Town and the endless wildlife within the Kruger National Park are highlights.

Algeria flag Algeria 
Botswana flag Botswana 
Congo flag Dem. Rep. of Congo 
Egypt flag Egypt 
Ethiopia flag Ethiopia 
Gambia flag The Gambia 
Ghana flag Ghana 
Kenya flag Kenya 
Libya flag Libya 
Madagascar flag Madagascar 
Malawi flag Malawi 
Mauritius flag Mauritius 
Morocco flag Morocco 
Mozambique flag Mozambique 
Namibia flag Namibia 
Nigeria flag Nigeria 
Seychelles flag Seychelles 
South Africa flag South Africa 
Swaziland flag Swaziland 
Tanzania flag Tanzania 
Tunisia flag Tunisia 
Uganda flag Uganda 
Zambia flag Zambia 
Zanzibar flag Zanzibar 

asiaComprising both Asia Pacific and the Middle East, this is the largest of the world's continents, boasting many enticing holiday destinations. Asia is split into various spreading territories, with the Southern region being home to India, while Eastern Asia is where you will find the countries of China, Japan, Korea, Macau and Taiwan.

Popular capital cities in Asia include Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Beijing, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, New Delhi, Seoul, Singapore City and Tokyo.

China flag China 
India flag India 
Indonesia flag Indonesia 
Israel flag Israel 
Japan flag Japan 
Malaysia flag Malaysia 
Philippines flag Philippines 
Singapore flag Singapore 
South Korea flag South Korea 
Thailand flag Thailand 
United Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates 
Vietnam flag Vietnam 

australiaMost people forget that whilst Australia is an island country, this is also an alternative and commonly used name for Australasia / Oceania. Of all the continents, Australia is by far the smallest and it resides within the Southern Hemisphere.

Apart from Australia itself, this continent is made up of various different countries, such as East Timor, Fiji, Melanesia, Micronesia, Nauru, New Zealand (North Island and South Island), Papua New Guinea, Polynesia, the Solomon Islands and Tonga, as well as some designated areas of Indonesia.

The most visited tourist-friendly cities include Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Christchurch, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Wellington.

Australia flag Australia  New Zealand flag New Zealand

europeSignificant European capital cities include Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, London, Madrid, Paris, Prague and Rome. Europe is bounded to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south by the Mediterranean Sea. It is generally understood that Europe incorporates the Russian Federation, standing as it does to the north of Asia.

Austria flag Austria 
Belgium flag Belgium 
Channel Islands flag Channel Islands 
Croatia flag Croatia 
Cyprus flag Cyprus 
Czech Republic flag Czech Republic 
Denmark flag Denmark 
England flag England 
Estonia flag Estonia 
Finland flag Finland 
France flag France 
Germany flag Germany 
Greece flag Greece 
Hungary flag Hungary 
Iceland flag Iceland 
Ireland flag Ireland 
Italy flag Italy 
Monaco flag Monaco 
Netherlands flag Netherlands 
Norway flag Norway 
Poland flag Poland 
Portugal flag Portugal 
Russia flag Russia 
Scotland flag Scotland 
Spain flag Spain 
Sweden flag Sweden 
Switzerland flag Switzerland 
Turkey flag Turkey 
Wales flag Wales 

latin americaFrequently going by the name of South America, Latin America bridges the equatorial line, although it is fair to say that much of this continent stands within the Southern Hemisphere. The east is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, with the Pacific Ocean lying to the west.

Noteworthy Latin American cities include Bermuda, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Guatemala City, Havana, Lima and San Jose.

Argentina flag Argentina 
Bahamas flag Bahamas 
Barbados flag Barbados 
Bermuda flag Bermuda 
Brazil flag Brazil 
Costa Rica flag Costa Rica 
Cuba flag Cuba 
Guatemala flag Guatemala 
Jamaica flag Jamaica 
Peru flag Peru 
Puerto Rico flag Puerto Rico 
Trinidad and Tobago flag Trinidad and Tobago 
Venezuela flag Venezuela 

north americaNorth America is where a large number of the planet's most powerful and well-known cities live. The Statue of Liberty in New York is a familiar sight all around the world, while Washington DC is the official residence of the president - at the White House.

Sightseers will be familiar with the much-photographed Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the hillside Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, where numerous hopeful actors come to start their career. Many Canadian and Mexican cities also appeal to the tourist market.

Major cities in North America include Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Mexico City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, and Toronto.

Canada flag Canada  Mexico flag Mexico  USA flag USA