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Belgium flagLocated in north-western Europe, Belgium is bordered by many different countries, including both France (south) and Germany (east). One of the smallest countries in Europe, Belgium offers a rather diverse selection of landscapes, ranging from endless flat fields of grazing cattle on the northern side of the country, to beautiful hilly countryside in the south-easterly Ardennes area.

Belgium is also edged by Luxembourg (east), Netherlands (north) and the North Sea (north), where the port city of Bruges can be found. Lying in the West Flanders region on Belgium, Bruges is the provincial capital and its historic centre has been awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Status.

Many of the country's main towns and villages are based around its rivers, with the Scheldt River being the biggest in Belgium and entering from northern France. Brussels is the capital city and features many charming boulevards and cobbled streets, which were built directly over the Senne River during the 19th century.

Brussels is split in two main neighbourhoods, the Lower Town and the Upper Town, each of which features appealing quarters, such as Saint Catherine and the Ilôt Sacré. Visitors to Belgium's capital will find plenty of interest, including the flavoursome local beers, chic shopping centres around Louise Avenue, and the iconic Grand Place, a vast public square filled with pavement cafés, fine dining and stunning baroque architecture.

World Guide to Antwerp, Belgium
Named Antwerpen in Flemish, Belgium's city of Antwerp is a rather underrated city, despite its considerable size. Antwerp has great tourist appeal and its old city centre is home to historical attractions, including its Cathedral (Kathedraal).
World Guide to Bruges, Belgium
Appearing quite unchanged by the ravishes of time, Bruges (Brugge) has a notable harbour and has grown to become a much visited city. Highlights include canals and countless landmarks around the Grote Markt and Burg squares.
World Guide to Brussels, Belgium
Better known as Bruxelles in France, Brussels is the proud capital of Belgium and is located within the very heart of the Western European crossroads. Brussels is very much a cosmopolitan city, with gorgeous architecture and rich chocolate.
World Guide to Ghent, Belgium
Historically during medieval times, Ghent was amongst Europe's biggest and most important cities. Close to Brussels and centred around the Korenmarkt, Ghent remains a tourist magnet and is sited where the Leie and Scheldt rivers meet.
World Guide to Liege, Belgium
An appealing city in Belgium's Ardennes region, Liege is divided by the Meuse River and is actually the provincial capital. Beneath the facade, some charming attractions and historical districts are to be found, close to the Place St. Lambert.

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Map of Belgium

Map of Belgium