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Jamaica is best described as an island nation and lies within the Caribbean Sea, where it is part of the Greater Antilles archipelago. The closest islands to Jamaica are Cuba (south) and also Hispaniola (west), where both Haiti and the Dominican Republic reside.

The actual island of Jamaica is famed for its tropical weather and glorious sun-drenched beaches, and it is believed that indigenous South Americans first settled here some 6,000 years ago. Today, Jamaica is divided into three main areas - the counties of Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey, each of which contain their very own set of attractions.

Kingston is the island's capital city and stands of the south-easterly shoreline, being home to a busy port, the Norman Manley International Airport, the acclaimed National Gallery of Jamaica and the popular beach resort of Lime Kay. Island visitors will also find the allure of Montego Bay (Mo Bay) quite irresistible and this city is generally referred to as the 'tourist capital of Jamaica'. With almost endless stretches of white sandy beaches, the allure of Negril is undeniable, while Ocho Rios is another popular spot and regularly frequented by arriving cruise ships.

World Guide to Kingston, Jamaica
The Jamaican capital, Kingston contains a number of historic colonial districts, along with wide boulevards and small shanty towns. The tropical beaches and lively nightlife are particular highlights, along with the Bob Marley Museum.
World Guide to Montego Bay, Jamaica
Famous around the world for its gorgeous beaches, Montego Bay is nothing short of a holiday paradise. Cornwall Beach and Doctor's Cave are amongst the most popular beaches, while Sam Sharpe Square forms the heart of the downtown district.
World Guide to Ocho Rios, Jamaica
The north-eastern side of Jamaica is where you will find the town of Ocho Rios, with its gorgeous beaches and all-inclusive resorts aplenty. Mallards Beach is conveniently just a short stroll away from central Ocho Rios.

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