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Situated in central Europe and surrounded on all sides by other countries, the Czech Republic lies on the northern side of Austria, the south-eastern side of Germany and directly south of Poland. The Czech Republic is also bordered by the easterly country of Slovakia, with the city of Brno being reasonably close by.

Prague is without doubt the most famous city in the Czech Republic and is also the capital. Known locally in Czech as Praha, the city of Prague is centred around the River Vltava, in the historical region of Bohemia. Following the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s, Prague has enjoyed a period of immense popularity, becoming one of the premier tourist destinations in the whole of Europe and putting the Czech Republic firmly on the tourism map.

Prague is renowned for its well-preserved architecture, much of which can be found around the Old Town (Staré; Mesto). Nearby, Prague Castle is an especially famous sight and is actually the largest castle in existence. Those looking for Prague vacation rentals should be sure to consider the apartments within the historic Malá Strana area, where the best come with views of the Vltava River and the famous Karluv Most (Charles Bridge).

Brno is the Czech Republic's second-biggest city and situated at the meeting point of both the Svratka River and the Svitava River. Steeped in history, Brno was officially founded in the mid-13th century. However, it is known that settlements lived here almost 10,000 prior to this date.

World Guide to Brno, Czech Republic
The second-largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno may be overshadowed by Prague, but competes well in the way of tourism. Visitors to Brno can expect to find long boulevards, trade fairs, motor racing and a 14th-century cathedral.
World Guide to Ostrava, Czech Republic
The third-largest city located within the Czech Republic, Ostrava is a dynamic city with a strong industrial past. Ostrava's skyline is immediately recognisable and today the city is surprisingly verdant, with a striking backdrop of mountains.
World Guide to Prague, Czech Republic
A city overflowing with history, politics and also culture, Prague is the proud capital of the Czech Republic and deservedly so. Prague has been nicknamed as the 'City of a Hundred Spires' due to its spectacular and distinctive skyline.

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