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(Tunisia, TN, North Africa)

Tunisia is a hugely popular tourist destination in North Africa, where it is the smallest country by far and famed for its assortment of beach resorts, beautiful Mediterranean coastline and reliably sunny weather. Crowds of tourists flock to the beaches of Tunisia during the summer season, with highlights including those of Carthage, Djerba, Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse and Tabarka, amongst many other coastal destinations.

As well as the coastline, the country features an extensive section of Saharan desert, various ethic communities and more than a handful of ancient attractions. Tunisia also boasts some of the most iconic film locations used in the sci-fi movie saga Star Wars, offering something quite different and for many travellers, quite unexpected.

The tourism scene in Tunisia is currently enjoying something of a resurgence, following a new era in its independence and a noticeable new confidence and optimism. No longer is Tunisia standing in the shadows of 'nearby' Egypt and Morocco, it is a tourist destination standing on its own two feet, with stylish hotels, cheap flights at international airports, and plenty to occupy curious travellers, as well as healthy European trade connections.

Tunis, the capital city, resides on the northern side of the country, close to Carthage and Sidi Bou Said. Worth noting, tourist information in Tunis is available at the Office National du Tourisme Tunisien on the Place du 14 Janvier 2011 (also known as the Place de l'Afrique), which stands just off Avenue Habib Bourguiba. Further tourist information in Tunis is to be found at the railway station, where English-speaking staff are on hand.

Tunisia Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

A holiday in Tunisia is so often a real mixture of attractions. In Tunis, it is the city's renowned Old City quarter (medina) that draws the crowds, with its historical buildings, narrow alleyways, gateways, mosques and souks (markets). With origins from more than 10,000 years ago, the Tunis Medina is certainly filled with character. Tourists in Tunis should also look out for the Zitouna Mosque, the St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral and the green oasis that is Belvedere Park. The Tunisian town of Sousse also boasts its own superb medina attractions, while for families, the Friguia Animal Park at Hammamet is often a popular diversion, as is its Great Mosque. More information about Tunisia Tourist Attractions.

For some serious sightseeing in Tunisia, there are a number of ancient sites and landmarks that really do stand out. The very best of these include the well-preserved remains of a giant Roman amphitheatre at El Jem (El Djem), which once accommodated audiences of some 35,000 cheering spectators. A further Roman amphitheatre stands within Tunisia's seaside city of Carthage, close to Tunis, along with other remains from many centuries ago, such as the Sanctuary of Tophet. Additional highlights in Carthage include the likes of the Antonine Baths, the Basilica of Saint Cyprien and the Presidential Palace. The Dougga Archaeological Site, the Sbeitla Archaeological Site, the Necropolis of Kerkouane and the Roman Ruins of Pupput are all also worthy of a mention and visit. More information about Tunisia Landmarks and Monuments.

So many of the attractions in Tunisia are suitable for those with an interest in history and cultural information, offering a tempting alternative to the beach resorts. The best of these generally reside within Tunis, such as the National Bardo Museum, the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, and the surprisingly appealing Postal Museum. Further offerings await in Carthage, Gabès, Jendouba and Sousse. For art galleries, consider a visit to the Dar Am Taieb Museum of Contemporary Art at Sousse, the Ali Khouja Art Gallery at Mahdia, the National Centre for Ceramic Arts at Tunis and the El Marsa Gallery at La Marsa. More information about Tunisia Museums and Tunisia Art Galleries.

Tunisia serves as Africa's northernmost country, where its northern and eastern borders are bounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Tripoli, the capital of Libya, lies directly to the east of Medenine and Tataouine. Further east are the attractions of Egypt, while the country of Algeria lies to the west. Close to the Tunisian town of Jendouba, Algeria's El Kala National Park sits on the border and offers a memorable excursion for those based in north-western Tunisia. More information about Tunisia Attractions Nearby.

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