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The State of Israel is a relatively small country and located within West Asia, where its westerly border stands next to the Mediterranean Sea. Israel also lies alongside the countries of the Lebanon (north), Egypt (south-west), Jordan (east) and Syria (north-east), as well as the Dead Sea and the Jordan River.

Israel is home to an exceptionally diverse landscape, with coastal regions, lush valleys, mountains and even deserts (Negev), along with bustling cities and metropolitan areas. Jerusalem is the Israeli capital and fairly centrally located, being steeped in Biblical history and standing next to the Christian community of Bethlehem. The exciting city of Tel Aviv is close by and to the north-west, on the Mediterranean coast, where it is another very important municipality.

After both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Haifa is Israel's third-biggest city and is sited on the northern side of the country, next to the Mediterranean and Mount Carmel. Other very popular tourist destinations in Israel include the cities of Akko (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Beer Sheva, Eilat, Nazareth and Tiberias.

World Guide to Jerusalem, Israel
The capital city of Israel, Jerusalem is located next to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea. Jerusalem is an especially spiritual city and filled with Christian and biblical sights, spread around the Old City, Arab East, and West areas.

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