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Trinidad and Tobago is an appealing and famous archipelagic state. Sitting within the southern Caribbean Sea, to the north-east of Venezuela (South America) and close to both Barbados (north-east) and Guyana (south-east), this island nation comprises two main islands, those of Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad is considerably larger than Tobago and is home to more than 90 percent of the overall population. These two islands have become major tourist destinations and known for their South American heritage, being settled by Amerindians and then discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498, who claimed his first sight was that of the peaks of the Trinity Hills.

Those heading for Trinidad and Tobago will find much of the action on the island of Trinidad, particularly around the northerly capital city known as the Port of Spain. North Trinidad is a fairly urban area of the island, although does feature some good beaches and lush rainforest areas. To the south, San Fernando serves as Trinidad's number two city and has grown up around the famous San Fernando Hill. Other prominent cities on Trinidad include Arima, Pointe-a-Pierre, Point Fortin and Point Lisas.

The tourism scene on Tobago is considerably smaller and less developed, although the westerly beaches are especially beautiful, and the waters noticeably clearly than those of Trinidad. Consequently Tobago is a leading destination for scuba diving, with the Buccoo Reef and its manta rays standing out, while to the east, the rainforest remains completely unspoiled. Scarborough is the capital of Tobago and on the island's southerly shoreline.

World Guide to Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago
Noticeably more lively and developed than the nearby island of Tobago, Trinidad combines natural Caribbean beauty with stunning tropical beaches. Trinidad is believed to be the home of Calypso music, limbo dancing and even steel drums.
World Guide to Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago
Although Tobago may be smaller than Trinidad, for many, its size really is part of this island's overall charm and appeal. Tobago remains much more laid back and relaxed than Trinidad, being connected by regular ferries.

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