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Officially named the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the country of Venezuela lies on the northern side of Brazil, to the east of Colombia and directly west of Guyana. The northern border is fronted by the Caribbean Sea, with coastal destinations including Barcelona, Colonia Tovar, La Guaira, Maracaibo and Tucupita, as well as the capital city, Caracas.

As South America's sixth-biggest country, Venezuela comes with a particularly diverse and interesting landscape comprising Andean mountain peaks, offshore islands, lush areas of rainforest (within the Amazon Basin) and spectacular waterfalls, such as the world's highest - the Angel Falls (Salto Angel). Venezuela is home to an abundance of indigenous wildlife, with some of its more interesting and unusual creatures living in the water, such as Amazon river dolphins, manatees, Orinoco crocodiles and piranhas.

Whilst this is a wealthy country, thanks to the discovery of oil during the early part of the 20th century, many of the residents living in Venezuela are far from affluent and the economy is constantly boosted by considerable public spending.

Tourism is gaining a foothold in many parts of the country and those headed to Venezuela have never had more to choose between. Consider cruising along the Delta del Orinoco, boat trips through the Morrocoy National Park (Parque Nacional Morrocoy), sunbathing on the glorious beaches of the Isla de Margarita, or perhaps simply admiring the unique landscape of Roraima.

You may also like to explore the Los Roques archipelago, run down the sand dunes of Coro, hike around the Pico Pan de Azucar - enjoying the views of Merida below, or maybe take a ride on the teleferico cable car between Caracas and the El Avila National Park (Parque Nacional El Avila).

World Guide to Caracas, Venezuela
Venezuela's capital city is simply huge and quite overwhelming for many travellers. More than six million people now live in the giant metropolis that is Caracas, with tourists enjoying the plentiful museums, shopping malls and attractive plazas.
World Guide to Maracaibo, Venezuela
The second-biggest city in Venezuela, Maracaibo is to be found on the north-western side of the country, where it enjoys an attractive lakeside setting. Lake Maracaibo is a huge attraction here, with cruises coming highly recommended.
World Guide to Maracay, Venezuela
Located on the eastern shore of Lake Valencia, Maracay is a good spot for outdoor activities, since various mountains and beaches are within comfortable reach, along with the rainforests of the Maracay Henri Pittier National Park.
World Guide to Merida, Venezuela
The city of Merida resides at the base of the Venezuelan Andes, next to the River Chama valley and the Pico Bolivar mountain. Merida has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Venezuela and comes with an established infrastructure.
World Guide to Valencia, Venezuela
Known for being a particularly friendly and welcoming city, Valencia makes for a pleasant vacation, with its plentiful historic attractions, museums and parks. The spreading Cerro Casupo Municipal Park is a highlight, along with the Metropolitan Park.

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