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The Kingdom of Norway lies on the far northern side of Europe, next to Finland, the Russian Federation and Sweden, together with the Arctic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea. Norway's coastline stretches for some 3,000 km / 1,865 miles between the northerly Svalbard archipelago and the sunny southerly beach resorts, next to crystal-clear turquoise waters. Landscapes along the way include spreading forests, glaciers, icefields and even Arctic tundra.

Many rustic and charming fishing villages are commonplace in Norway and often offer tourists traditional Nordic attractions and a host of recreational activities. Hiking trails, mountaineering and seasonal skiing resorts are usually never far away.

Visitors staying in Norway are usually surprised and inspired by its immense beauty. Summer is the best time to visit, when the nighttimes in southern Norway remain light, earning the country its nickname of the 'Land of the Midnight Sun'. However, the winters are dark, cold and icy, when the alpine terrains are often graced by skiers, snowboarders or dog-sleds.

Hotels in Norway are known for being pricey, although cheaper accommodation is generally available in the form of hostels, self-catering and campsites. Oslo is the capital city of Norway and has also grown to become a municipality and county in its own right. Highlights in Oslo include the Royal Palace, the National Gallery, the fashionable shopping district of Gronland, and the Viking Ship Museum, where many restored wooden Viking ships are displayed from around Norway, such as the Gokstad and Oseberg ships.

World Guide to Bergen, Norway
Although Bergen is actually Norway's second-largest city after Oslo, it does feature a noticeably relaxed pace of life. Bergen has grown to become a very important culture centre and contains a leading Norwegian university and a significant port.
World Guide to Oslo, Norway
The informal Norwegian capital of Oslo is very different to many European cities. Oslo is not home to countless architectural treasures, although its historic neighbourhoods of St. Hanshaugen and Frogner do contain a number of treasures.
World Guide to Trondheim, Norway
The vibrant university city of Trondheim is the third-biggest city in Norway and is known for once being the country's medieval capital. Today, Trondheim offers a rich history, pretty wooden buildings, scenic hiking trails and superb salmon fishing.

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