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It is easy to get confused about where the country of Monaco ends and where the city that bears the same name begins. All you have to do is remember that, although the two are politically quite different, geographically they are one and the same place, sharing exactly the same plot of land on the French Riviera.

Monaco may be very small, both in terms of land area and population, but insignificant it most certainly is not. The Principality of Monaco, to give the place its full title, boasts the most expensive real estate in the world and the highest number of billionaires per head of population. Its well-manicured streets and grand buildings are testament to the sheer wealth of its many tax-exempt residents.

The district of Monte Carlo is this tiny country's most famous tourist attraction, not least because of its plush casino. That said, there is more to Monte Carlo than playing a game of roulette with the great and the glamorous. This is the busiest district - the place where just being seen with the right people is what really matters.

Slightly apart from Monte Carlo is the old city of Monaco-Ville, which sits neatly on 'The Rock', as the headland is familiarly known in local society. Well-known landmarks in what amounts to a well-preserved medieval village include the Palais Princier, the official home of Monaco's royal family, and Saint Nicholas Cathedral.

The distinctive deep-water harbour of Port Hercules in the La Condamine district has berths for up to 700 rather expensive boats, including the yacht owned by the Prince of Monaco himself. Of interest, Port Hercules was used as the backdrop for the James Bond film, 'Golden Eye'. Motor sports enthusiasts will know that once a year, the streets still echo to the roar of Formula 1 engines as they twist and turn their way through the country's main roads.

Whilst we tend to think of Monaco as being a stretch of coastline that never veers far from sea level, part of it is actually very steep. The Chemin des Révoires clings to the slopes of Mont Agel, home of the Monte Carlo Golf Club, which was established in 1911.

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World Guide to Monte Carlo, Monaco
A tiny and affluent district of Monaco, Monte Carlo really is a playground for the wealthy. Take a stroll along streets such as the Avenue Saint Martin and the Avenue Princesse Grace to soak up the best of the local attractions, or simply join fellow sunbathers on Larvotto Beach.