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A member of Scandinavia and the smallest country within the Nordic region, Denmark is a maritime nation and lies directly north of Germany and to the west of Sweden. The Jutland Peninsula is the only actual region of Denmark connected to mainland Europe, with the rest of the country comprising around 400 different islands.

Denmark first came to prominence more than 1,000 years ago, when the Danish Vikings ruled the land. Today, this country is home to an appealing mixture of vibrant cities and verdant countryside. No single part of Denmark is ever more than one hour away from the coastline, where many popular white-sandy beach resorts have emerged in recent years.

The lively capital of Denmark is Copenhagen, the biggest and most cosmopolitan city in the whole in Scandinavia. Copenhagen is truly the jewel in the Danish crown and contains a host of cultural attractions and world-class museums, being within easy reach of one of Europe's leading rock festivals in nearby Roskilde. Other popular tourist destinations in Denmark are to be found along the Oresund Coast in North Zealand, and throughout Southern Zealand, Central Jutand, Bornholm, Funen and Lolland.

World Guide to Aarhus, Denmark
The second-biggest city in Denmark after Copenhagen, Aarhus is a major cultural centre and is situated on the westerly Jutland peninsula. Aarhus is known for its prestigious university, beaches, historic quarter and medieval buildings.
World Guide to Copenhagen, Denmark
The largest and most vibrant of Scandinavia's many cities, Copenhagen is Denmark's proud capital and boasts Europe's premier port. Although much of central Copenhagen is low-rise, the skyline is punctuated by tall church steeples.
World Guide to Odense, Denmark
Named after a famous Nordic god, Odense has a strong Viking heritage and was founded over 1,000 years ago. Visitors will discover plenty to fill their days, with some intriguing museums and plenty of cruises around the archipelago.

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