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Image of the scenic Cape CoastA prosperous African country, Ghana is highly suitable for the less experienced of travellers and whilst it may not have the huge attractions of other tourist destinations, it does boast a spectacular coastline, flanked with many beautiful sandy beaches. The constant sunshine and equatorial climate of Ghana means that these beaches contribute greatly to the overall tourism economy, with many resort towns and fishing villages being located in this part of the country.

As the capital of Ghana, the city of Accra is where much of the best sightseeing is to be found, and conveniently resides alongside the Atlantic Ocean. Accra also serves as Ghana's commercial heart and the best place for up-to-date tourist information, while Kumasi is renowned for its Ashanti people and handicrafts. To the east, the scenic Volta region has been transformed by the building of the Akosombo dam and is now an important wildlife reserve, with towering mountains and dense forests.

View of the famous Cape Coast Castle

Ghana Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

In Accra, the beaches do tend to draw the biggest crowds, and understandably so, with both the Bojo and Labadi beach resorts being frequented by tourists and local Africans alike. Also in Accra is the labyrinth of traders at the Makola Market, affording a memorable experience for bargain hunters on a quest to find souvenirs. In central Ghana, the Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary is a 'must' and offers the chance to stroll amongst friendly Colobus and Mona monkeys, which can be clearly seen swinging from the trees. Further north is the Mole National Park, where you can enjoy a safari and spot African elephants, antelope, baboons and exotic birds, and if you are extremely lucky, possibly even a leopard or lion. Close to the northern border is the Bolgatanga Municipal District, where a poignant reminder of the former slave trade in Ghana comes in the form of the Pikworo Slave Camp, at Nania Paga. Very nearby is the Paga Crocodile Pond, where giant crocodiles almost seem to enjoy human interaction. More information about Ghana Tourist Attractions.

Coastal view from the Elmina CastleThe rich African heritage of Ghana is very apparent in its landmarks, which are especially plentiful along the Cape Coast. Here, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cape Coast Castle is without question the most famous, brought even further to prominence by a visit in 2009 by US President Barack Obama and his wife. Just a few miles away, the town of Elmina is where you will discover the oceanfront Elmina Castle (Sao Jorge da Mina Castle), another legacy of the slave trade years. In Accra city are some of Ghana's most famous landmarks, such as Osu Castle, the Independence Arch and the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, which is dedicated to the country's very first president. In the Ashanti area, the impressive Kintampo Waterfalls lie just off the Kumasi road and are a great place for a refreshing dip. Those based in Kumasi itself will no doubt visit Lake Bosumtwi, which is known to have been formed by a crashing meteor over a million years ago. More information about Ghana Landmarks and Monuments.

Photo of the Independence Square in AccraIf is quite common for African countries to be somewhat lacking in the culture department, although this is certainly not the case with Ghana. Here, information about its rich history is ever-present at attractions such as the Upper East Regional Museum in Bolgatanga, and the National Museum of Ghana in Accra. Also in Accra are museums and visitor centres at the Ussher Fort and the Manhyia Palace, where various local African artefacts are displayed. At the Museum of Science and Technology in Accra, the natural history exhibits tend to be of the most interest. In the town of Ho, between Mount Galenukui and Mount Adaklu, the Volta Regional Museum is one of the best places to view both traditional and contemporary African art works. More information about Ghana Museums.

Photograph of the Elmina CastleDepending upon which part of Ghana you are based, you may be able to take excursions outside of the country. Bordering the western side of Ghana is Côte d'Ivoire, the capital of which is Yamoussoukro, home of the world's largest Christian church, the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace. Other attractions in Côte d'Ivoire include the Parc National de la Comoé, which is rich in native African flora and fauna. To the north, the country of Burkina Faso is where you will find the enormous city of Ouagadougou, where there are a number of reliable museums, markets and parks to choose between. Outside of Ouagadougou, the Parc National de Tambi Kaboré and the Parc National des Deux Balés are further tourist hotspots in Côte d'Ivoire. To the east of Ghana, the narrow country of Togo is particularly near to Accra. The beaches of Togo's capital Lomé are generally blessed with fine weather and regularly play host to local events and parties. More information about Ghana Attractions Nearby.

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