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The Republic of Indonesia is an island nation and comprises more than 17,500 different individual islands, which makes it the biggest archipelagic state in existence. Straddling the equator and boasting an exceptional tropical climate, Indonesia's largest islands include Java (home of the spectacular Prambanan temples), Kalimantan, New Guinea, Sulawesi and Sumatra.

Indonesia shares a number of land borders, with Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam all being to the north, and even Australia to the south, across a narrow stretch of water. Jakarta is the proud Indonesian capital and resides on the island of Java, with other important cities including those of Bandung (West Java), Medan (North Sumatra), Semarang (Central Java) and Surabaya (East Java).

There is so much to pack into a trip to Indonesia and many holidaymakers come to the islands to take full advantage of the beautiful beaches and superb marine life, with scores of divers and snorkellers enjoying unforgettable underwater adventures. The dense coral gardens surrounding Maluku's Banda Islands are exceptional, while the orangutans at Sumatra's Bukit Lawang and Kalimantan's Kutai National Park also come highly recommended.

World Guide to Bandung, Indonesia
Lying within West Java and a little under two hours from Jakarta, Bandung is an enormous city with a population in the region of three million. Colonial and Art Deco buildings grace much of the city, along with modern shopping malls.
World Guide to Banten, Indonesia
The province of Banten resides within Java's western region, where it features a series of beach resorts, towns and cities. Banten comprises the regencies of Cilegon, Tangerang, South Tangerang and Serang - the capital.
World Guide to Borobudur, Indonesia
The small village of Borobudur is anything but small when it comes to the world of tourism. Its magnificent 9th-century Borobudur Temple, a monument to Lord Buddha, attracts sightseers in their thousands.
World Guide to Bali, Indonesia
The tropical island of Bali may be small, but it has become Indonesia's leading tourist destination. Holidaymakers visiting Bali can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, historic temples, volcanic craters, rainforest areas and lush valleys.
World Guide to Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesia's capital of Jakarta is an epic city of grand proportions and home to many surprising attractions. Highlights in Jakarta include the streets of Chinatown, the Old City (Kota) area, giant shopping malls and a wealth of nightspots.
World Guide to Kalimantan, Indonesia
Part of the island of Borneo, Kalimantan occupies the southern region, being divided into Central, East, West and South areas. Mountain peaks, rivers, forests, isolated beaches and historic villages all await travellers.
World Guide to Lombok, Indonesia
A major tourist hotspot within the Indonesian province of Nusa Tenggara, the island of Lombok lies close to Bali. Kuta Beach offers endless white sand and also superb surfing conditions, while the Gili Islands are close by.
World Guide to Maluku Islands, Indonesia
The archipelago of the Maluku Islands (also known as the Moluccas) is to be found between Papua and Sulawesi. With plentiful coral gardens suiting snorkellers, the Maluku Islands also boast tropical beaches and old fortifications.
World Guide to Papua, Indonesia
Part of New Guinea, the province of Papua features much dense jungle, which means that its coastal resorts are rather scattered. Highlights include Fak Fak, Jayapura (the capital), Manokwari, Merauke, Sorong and Wamena.
World Guide to Semarang, Indonesia
A lively Indonesian port city, Semarang is located on the northern shoreline of Java. Crowds of holidaymakers tend to flock to Marina Beach and the harbour itself, as well as its various theme parks and Mangkang Zoo.
World Guide to Solo, Indonesia
Often also referred to as Surakarta, the city of Solo once belonged to the Mataram kingdom. Visitors will find spacious streets, bustling markets and a rich Javanese heritage, as well as Mount Merapi, a prominent volcano.
World Guide to Sulawesi, Indonesia
An irregular-shaped island with numerous peninsulas and nearby islands, Sulawesi is full of character and culture. The diverse landscape is made up of mountains, volcanoes, paddy fields and national parks, as well as beaches.
World Guide to Sumatra, Indonesia
A vast Indonesian island close to both Malaysia and Singapore, Sumatra offers jungle treks where groups of wild orangutans live. The coastal resorts, cruises to Mount Krakatoa and the modern city of Medan will also appeal.
World Guide to Surabaya, Indonesia
Sited within East Java, the sprawling city of Surabaya is Indonesia's second largest, after Jakarta. Getting around can be quite overwhelming for tourists, although many simply come here for the good connections to Bali.
World Guide to Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Yogyakarta enjoys a relatively central position on the Indonesian island of Java, where it has managed to retain many of its traditional customs and a strong heritage. Yogyakarta's Old City 'kraton' (palace) is central to its tourism scene.

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