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Officially referred to as the Argentine Republic, the country of Argentina is located in the southerly region of South America, where it borders Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and also Uruguay (north), as well as Chile (west). Argentina is a particularly large country and is South America's second-biggest after only Brazil.

The eastern side of Argentina lies alongside the South Atlantic Ocean, where many coastal attractions present themselves. To the west, the breathtaking snowcapped Andes mountain range stands and stretches for more than 7,000 km / 4,340 miles, making this the longest mountain range in existence.

Sited in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere, with summers (December to February) being hot and often humid, and winters (June to August) fairly cold. Argentina's deserts of Cuyo are particularly sunny and dry in the summer, and are to be found next to the south-easterly Pampas region and southerly Patagonia.

Buenos Aires (the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires / Capital Federal) serves as both the capital city and the largest in Argentina, and was founded in the 16th century by a colony of Spanish immigrants. Now a modern city with many gleaming high-rise buildings, the Buenos Aires of today comprises 48 different districts (barrios), with Microcentro forming its downtown area and the very heart of the city. The accommodation scene in Buenos Aires has never been better and the influx of discerning tourists and competition between lodging options has resulted in the upgrading and refurbishment of many hotels. In most cases, available Buenos Aires vacation rentals and hotels are relatively easy to find, although if you are arriving during the busy months of July and August, or between November and January, you should be sure to book well ahead. Consider basing yourself in Microcentro, next to the Plaza de Mayo (close to the Florida and Lavelle Streets, and the appealing Retiro neighbourhood), Barrio Norte and Recoleta (brimming with grand buildings), Palermo (known for its parklands and boutiques), San Telmo (full of character), or around the Avenida Corrientes / Congreso area (next to numerous cultural centres and theatres).

Other important cities within Argentina include Cordobo, La Plata, Mendoza, Rosario, San Miguel de Tucuman and San Juan.

World Guide to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Argentina's capital city (Federal Capital) is full of energy and excitement, and has become an extremely popular holiday destination. Buenos Aires has high-rise skyscrapers, a sweeping beachfront and an interesting Microcentro district.

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