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(Zanzibar, Tanzania, TZ, East Africa)

Frequently described as a semi-autonomous archipelago belonging to Tanzania, Zanzibar is made up of a number of fairly small islands and two large islands, namely Unguja and Pemba. Both of these islands boast some stunning sandy beaches and plenty of resorts lining the most scenic of coastlines.

Unguja serves as the principal island and generally goes by the name of Zanzibar, while the smaller Pemba is also very significant, with Chake-Chake, Mkoani and Wete being the main towns and cities. Together with Mafia Island, Unguja and Pemba form the 'Spice Islands'.

On Unguja, Zanzibar Town operates as the capital, with its historical heart being named Stone Town. The opportunities for tourism in Stone Town are certainly plentiful, with many ancient attractions remaining well-preserved within this World Heritage Site. For tourist information in the capital, head to the office of the Zanzibar Tourist Corporation in Livingstone House, on Bububu Road.

Zanzibar Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

It is in Stone Town where much of the interest for tourists resides, although the neighbouring district of Ngambo may also prove to be of interest. Once the residence of acclaimed British explorer David Livingstone, the Livingstone House is a notable highlight in Stone Town, as is the Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church, Forodhani Park, the Kizimbani Spice Farm, the Malindi Mosque and the Shakti Temple. Elsewhere, consider an excursion to see the Kidichi Persian Baths and the Mangapwani Slave Chamber. If you are holidaying here with young children, then both the Nungwi Natural Aquarium and the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre deserve a strong mention, offering plenty to fill an afternoon and providing a pleasant alternative to the sandy beaches. More information about Zanzibar Tourist Attractions.

If you are on holiday in Zanzibar and in search of man-made landmarks of note, then there are certainly a few that are worthy of research. The Mtoni Palace Ruins at Stone Town offers a real insight include the wealth and success of the city's former residents, while some of the most impressive and important buildings standing today can be found surrounding Kelele Square. Once protecting the coast, the Old Fort (Ngome Kongwe) dates all the way back to the 17th century, being constructed to protect Zanzibar from potential attacks by the Portuguese navy. Just a relatively short boat trip away, Prison Island makes for a highly recommended day trip, with its huge tortoises being one of the main draw cards, along with natural beaches and some interesting stories. More information about Zanzibar Landmarks and Monuments.

Although simply walking around the maze of streets that make up Stone Town will certainly provide a real taster of Zanzibar's past, it is the museums of Stone Town where the most in-depth information and extensive collections await. At the Palace Museum, the opulence once enjoyed by affluent sultans can be fully appreciated, along with some enviable views across the Indian Ocean. The House of Wonders Museum of History and Culture celebrates the capital's rich maritime heritage, and the Old Dispensary (Stone Town Cultural Centre) provides displays showcasing the district's past architectural achievements. Holiday makers in search of a quality souvenir may like to purchase a painting or wooden carving from the Real African Art Gallery, many of which are created by local artists living on Unguja or mainland Tanzania. More information about Zanzibar Museums.

Spending time on the beaches of Zanzibar and exploring the innumerable historical highlights within Stone Town will certainly fill your time. However, since Tanzania is so close by, it would certainly make a lot of sense to schedule some time to check out this beautiful African country. The wildlife reserves of Tanzania are perfect for a safari trip, with the Serengeti National Park and the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park both standing out, along with Lake Tanganyika.

To the south, the sizeable island of Madagascar features tropical beaches, uncrowded national parks and even areas of lush rainforest. Kenya (roughly to the north) and Mozambique (to the south) may also prove to be memorable holiday destinations for tourists looking for the ultimate African experience. More information about Zanzibar Attractions Nearby.

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