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The People's Republic of China (PRC) contains many particularly large and outstanding natural landmarks, such as the world's highest lake (Nam-tso Lake), tallest mountain (Mount Everest), and furthest city from the sea (Urumqi). However, many outstanding tourist attractions within the vast country of China are manmade and famous in their own right, such as the longest fortification ever created (Great Wall of China), the highest hotel (Jinmao Tower / Grand Hyatt Shanghai), and the biggest aquarium (Ocean Park in Hong Kong). China also features the largest population on the planet, being home to in excess of one billion people.

Located in East Asia, the People's Republic of China features a particularly diverse range of landscapes, with the eastern side of the country edging both the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea, while southern China is known for its hilly areas and numerous low mountains. China's many leading cities are also quite unique in their appearance. The skyline of Shanghai stands out as a modern triumph, with other important cities including Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Macau and Hong Kong.

Beneath the jungle of gleaming high-rise buildings and temples, China still contains many historic imperial monuments and temples. Beijing, China's capital city, is especially appealing and home to the acclaimed Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and the Ming Tombs. Many tourists choose to stay at a Hong Kong hotel and enjoy breathtaking waterfront views across the stunning Deep Water Bay, while other popular, tourist-friendly cities in China include Shenyang, Tianjin and also Xiamen, all of which offer plenty of traditional Chinese restaurants serving authentic rice and noodle based dishes, usually washed down with Chinese green tea.


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World Guide to Beijing, China
Beijing is known the world over and has become one of the most famous cities in China. Home to some outstanding landmarks and ancient temples, Beijing is very much a buzzing city and is close to a popular stretch of China's Great Wall.
World Guide to Dalian, China
Dalian is a particularly important and prosperous Chinese city, and lies next to the Yellow Sea. With sandy beaches, towering skyscrapers and a definite holiday atmosphere, Dalian's city centre is based around its spacious Zhongshan Square.
World Guide to Guilin, China
An especially attractive Chinese city based around the Li River, Guilin is known for its surrounding lakes, mountains and natural limestone formations. River cruises are popular, with tour operators aplenty in the city.
World Guide to Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong is located on the southerly side of China and is divided into a series of administrative districts and regions. These include Hong Kong Island itself, the Kowloon Peninsula, Lantau Island and also the New Territories.
World Guide to Qingdao, China
Qingdao is situated on the southern shore of the Shandong Peninsula and this city is quite picturesque. The coastal setting is just one of Qingdao's many draw cards, with other highlights including temples, shopping malls, eateries and nightclubs.
World Guide to Shanghai, China
Shanghai is nothing short of an epic city and is the largest of all China's cities. This modern and bustling metropolis offers plenty of things to see and do, and comprises two main areas, Pudong and Puxi, divided by the Huangpu River.
World Guide to Shenyang, China
When you first arrive in Shenyang, try to look past the hustle and bustle of this sprawling city. Shenyang has much to offer its visitors, ranging from magnificent palaces and temples, to botanic gardens and modern shopping centres.
World Guide to Tianjin, China
Being especially close to Beijing, Tianjin is a prosperous Chinese city and a spreading municipality, with a notable port next to the Bohai Bay. Tianjin comprises a compact city centre based around the Hai River, and a series of rural areas.
World Guide to Xiamen, China
Brimming with colonial charm, the coastal city of Xiamen is located within the Fujian province and on the eastern side of China. The seaside attractions of Xiamen are complemented by cobblestone alleys, cable car rides, cruises and gardens.
World Guide to Xian, China
Capital of the Shaanxi province, the extremely historic city of Xian features a 14th-century Bell Tower, while the suburb of Lintong is where you will find the famed Army of Terracotta Warriors, now a World Heritage Site.

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