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(Guilin, Guangxi, China)

Image of the iconic Sun and Moon PagodasA truly beautiful Chinese city, Guilin graces the banks of the Li Jiang (Li River), where it is surrounded by four expansive lakes, innumerable steep mountains and many eroded limestone formations. Guilin is one of China's greenest and least polluted cities, and much of the action is to be found lining the Zhongshan Zhonglu, the city's main thoroughfare.

The fortunes of Guilin revolve around its very successful tourism industry and locals do somewhat try to cash in upon the city's extreme popularity and exploit the surrounding natural beauty. Various tourist information booths have sprung up in central Guilin, on the Binjiang Beilu, the Ronghu Beilu, inside the bus station and opposite the railway station - off the Shanghai Lu. The most visited mountain peaks and landscaped parks are easily reached and just a short cycle ride away from the city centre.

Picture of the famous Elephant Hill

Guilin Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

When it comes to sightseeing in Guilin, tourists will soon notice the high concentration of tour operators in the city centre, providing a mixture of different tour packages. Cruises along the Li River are always popular and come highly recommended, as do visits to the enticing Reed Flute Cave and also to the underground chambers within the Seven Star Cave complex at Qixing Park. Lying within the city's easterly suburbs, Yaoshan Hill Park has much to offer, including chair lifts and spectacular mountain panoramas, while on the southerly side of Guilin, the Ocean Aquarium is especially family friendly. More information about Guilin Tourist Attractions.

City riverfront photographOf all the landmarks in Guilin, it is without question the Elephant Trunk Hill that is the most famous and most photographed, since it really does strike a remarkable resemblance to an elephant drinking from the river. Also shaped by the hand of nature is the dramatic Fubo Hill (Fubo Shan), close to the Solitary Beauty Park. Man has also created numerous striking structures within Guilin, and tourists are strongly advised to check out the Sun and Moon Pagodas at the Rong Hu and Shan Hu Lakes, as well as the very historical Jing Jiang Princes City (Jing Jiang Wang Cheng). More information about Guilin Landmarks and Monuments.

Riverfront pictureTourists certainly don't come to the city for its museums and art galleries, although there are a couple that deserve a mention. Firstly, the Guilin Art Museum is home to an extensive collection of oriental paintings and modern art works. Secondly and very much one for the history buffs, it is the Guilin Museum at West Mountain Park that boasts the most comprehensive information and largest hoard of ancient treasures, which date from both the Ming and Qing Chinese dynasties. More information about Guilin Museums.

Picture of breathtaking surrounding sceneryGuilin is the perfect spot for those planning to explore the northerly side of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with many quality tourist attractions being just a stone's throw away. Directly south of the city, the Silver Beach at Beihai is quite awesome and very popular, as are the attractions within Liuzhou - the most sizable city along the Liu Jiang (Willow River). Also nearby is Guiping and its plentiful recreational activities, which are based around Xi Shan Park, and the colourful histories of Longsheng, Sanjiang, Yangshuo and Wuzhou. Across the border in Vietnam, a trip to the epic capital city of Hanoi is surprisingly easy and one to remember. More information about Guilin Attractions Nearby.

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