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South Carolina flagSouth Carolina is where America's Deep South starts in earnest. The weather is distinctly warmer here, there's an audible change in people's accents, and the Southern culture really comes into play. South Carolina shows plenty of signs of having a rich colonial past inhabited by wealthy plantation families in pre-Civil War days. It is a place where alligators hide in 'blackwater' swamps and rice fields.

Today, tourists come to South Carolina in their droves to enjoy its many beaches. A particular favorite is the Grand Strand, a vast crescent of shoreline on the eastern coast. Some venture even further to explore the Savannah River or the Blue Ridge Mountains that run along the state's northwestern corner.

South Carolina might have a relaxed feel and a thriving cultural scene today, but this hasn't always been the case. During the American Revolutionary War, over a hundred battles were fought on the state's soil. Almost a hundred years later, this was the first state to secede from the Union. Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor was attacked and the state was thrown into conflict all over again. During the 1890s, the state was at the center of racial tension.

Just as tumultuous as South Carolina's history is its climate. The state is no stranger to tropical cyclones or tornadoes. Subtropical thunderstorms strike on an average of fifty days every year. In 1989, Hurricane Hugo caused massive destruction to Carolina's forests, crops and homes.

South Carolina has appeared on the big screen on a number of occasions. One of its most memorable movies was perhaps 'Forrest Gump', which was filmed on location here in 1993, while 'Sleeping with the Enemy' also used this state as a backdrop to the action, a few years earlier.

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World Guide to Charleston, SC, USA
Full of traditional Southern charm, Charleston has become known for its striking architecture and tropical climate. The city contains many important antebellum houses and colonial structures, concentrated in the city's Historic District.
World Guide to Columbia, SC, USA
Columbia can be found in the Palmetto State region of South Carolina. The capital city, Columbia contains the historic University of South Carolina and the scenic Congaree River, which meanders close to the heart of the city.
World Guide to Hilton Head, SC, USA
Hilton Head is South Carolina's largest barrier island and offers a range of golf courses, beaches and coastal resorts. Known for its red and white Harbor Town Lighthouse, other highlights include a range of outdoor activities and water sports.
World Guide to Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Myrtle Beach stands on the northeastern side of South Carolina (SC), in the center of the oceanfront Grand Strand area. The city is a popular spring break location with many beaches and attracts thousands of holidaymakers throughout the year.

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