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Hawaii flagAround seven million people visit the paradise state of Hawaii each year. Many of them are sun-seekers and keen surfers, but among them are a fair few volcanologists and other scientists who arrive here with a mission. They come to unravel the secrets held by this archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii is home to an abundance of active volcanoes, making eruptions a common and frequent occurrence. One of the best known and youngest is Kilauea on Hawaii's Big Island, which ranks amongst the most active volcanoes in the world and has been continuously erupting since 1983. The oldest of Hawaii's volcanoes is the now extinct Kohala.

It is popularly believed that the earliest European to set foot on Hawaii was Captain James Cook, who in 1778 arrived here by mistake, whilst trying to find the Northwest Passage. Hawaii became a republic in 1894 and was annexed to the US a short time after. In fact, Hawaii was the last state to join the Union. In 1959, the 50th star could finally be added to the American flag.

During World War Two, a relatively unknown Hawaiian harbor on the island of Oahu was to change the course of history. A Japanese attack took place on Pearl Harbor one fateful December day in 1941, triggering America's entry into the conflict and marking the start of the Pacific War.

Perhaps the most enduring image of Hawaii comes from three box office hits from the 1960s, including the filmgoers' favorite, 'Blue Hawaii'. Starring Elvis Presley, they featured exotic locations, bronzed beach buddies and countless palm trees.

Hawaii Information and Fast Facts

World Guide to Hawaii (Big Island), HI, USA
Hawaii's Big Island is well named, since it certainly is big. In fact, the Hawaii Big Island is so large that it will take around two hours to drive between the popular tourist resorts of Hilo (east) and Kailua-Kona (west).
World Guide to Honolulu, HI, USA
Honolulu, on Hawaii's breathtaking island of Ohau, is the area's economic center. Perhaps best known for its stunning Waikiki beach area, Honolulu features many major shopping areas, five-star restaurants and views of the Pacific Ocean.
World Guide to Kauai, HI, USA
When Kauai is compared to the more popular islands of Hawaii, it becomes immediately apparent that this small island is much less developed. This really is part of Kauai's charm and the island is filled will endless natural beauty.
World Guide to Maui, HI, USA
The island Maui is perhaps the ultimate tourist spot, with stunning ocean views, superb facilities, white-sandy beaches and reknowned whale watching. Maui's most popular tourist areas are Lahaina, Kaanapali, and the Kihei Strip in western Maui.
World Guide to Molokai, HI, USA
The Hawaiian island of Molokai is the perfect holiday destination for those looking to relax and enjoy a spot of serious tranquility. Molokai's sandy beaches are quite tropical in their appearance and remain relatively quiet all through the year.

Map of the Hawaii Islands