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British Columbia flagThink big and then think even bigger and you will get an idea of the sheer scale of British Columbia. More popularly known as BC, this most westerly of Canadian provinces majors in stunning scenery that ranges from craggy mountains and waterfront forests to rugged coastline and tiny islands.

All that unspoiled natural beauty means that British Columbia is nothing short of a hikers' paradise. The Coast Mountains extend along virtually the whole of its coast. Mount Waddington is the highest of its peaks and attracts mountaineers who like a challenging climb.

Spend too long admiring the scenery and you are in danger of missing out on a more urban adventure. British Columbia is perhaps best known for being home to Vancouver, that most confident and cosmopolitan of Canadian cities. The city of Vancouver has acquired a reputation for being one of the best places in the world to live and is a perennial favorite with tourists. Wandering the streets of Vancouver's Chinatown or its historic Gas Town district, where Vancouver all started, should be enough to keep you busy for the day. If you're a tourist with a mission, however, there are plenty of museums and art galleries that are just the ticket.

Vancouver shouldn't be confused with Vancouver Island, the home of British Columbia's provincial capital of Victoria. Nicknamed the 'City of Gardens', Victoria is an altogether sleepier and more relaxed affair. The fact that it is popular with retired folk speaks volumes, although Victoria's even-tempered and snow-free climate certainly helps sustain its attraction.

British Columbia Information and Fast Facts

World Guide to Vancouver, BC, Canada
A sophisticated and cosmopolitan city, Vancouver lies in the state of British Columbia and is one of Canada's most appealing cities. Close to snowcapped mountains and the ocean, the city's port is based around the Burrard Inlet.
World Guide to Victoria, BC, Canada
Located on the far southerly side of Vancouver Island, Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and attracts around four million tourists annually. Victoria is home to an especially busy harbour and enjoys some of Canada's finest weather.
World Guide to Whistler, BC, Canada
Ranking amongst the very best ski resorts in North America, Whistler has much to offer, whatever the time of the year. Summer hiking and winter skiing are to be found around both the Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain areas.

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