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Idaho flagThe northwestern state of Idaho has two nicknames. On the one hand, it is known rather grandly as the Gem State, because every sort of precious and semi-precious gemstone can be found here - that's 72 in all. In fact, some of them can't be found anywhere else in the world. On the other hand, and much more down to earth, Idaho is also referred to as the Potato State, because this is the most popular crop grown here by farmers. The potato was designated as the official state vegetable in 2002. Today, around two-thirds of all US potatoes have their roots in the excellent soil of Idaho.

When it comes to size and ruggedness, Idaho is up there with all of America's largest wilderness areas. It covers a vast area, and much of it is still reserved for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Idaho is home to some of the deepest gorges in the country, including Hells Canyon and the Snake River Canyon. It also boasts more lakes than any of the other 49 US states, while its Shoshone Falls rival the Niagara Falls when it comes to height. Idaho's mountain ranges include the evocative Sawtooth Range, the Bitterroot Range, the Lost River Range and the White Cloud Mountains.

If you're travelling through Idaho, it can be rather confusing to discover that the state is subject to two time zones. Its northern region, known as the Idaho Panhandle, operates under Pacific Time, whilst in the south, everyone follows Mountain Time.

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World Guide to Boise, ID, USA
Boise, Idaho's capital city, stands along the Boise River and offers an abundance of tourist attractions. Home of the state university, the city is known for its seasonal activities, such as kayaking, white-water rafting, hiking and even skiing.

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