Boise Tourist Information and Tourism

(Boise, Idaho - ID, USA)

Capital of Idaho (ID) and the state's largest city, Boise (pronounced 'Boy-zee') has much to offer tourists and visitors. Standing alongside the scenic Boise River and close to areas of wilderness, the city of Boise is home to the state university and is an exciting, vibrant and friendly place to visit. Boise offers a gateway to nearby countryside and is a relaxed city, with a mixture of 19th century and modern architecture, often standing side by side.

Entertainment options are plentiful in Boise and the city contains many exceptional restaurants, which stay open until the early hours of the morning, with alfresco dining during the summer months. Some of the best restaurants and nightclubs in Boise can be found around the Grove area, 8th St. Marketplace and in Old Boise, to the east of the city center.

Seasonal activities in Boise, such as winter cross-country skiing, summer kayaking, white-water rafting and hiking, all ensure that hotels are busy throughout the year. Many hotels, both old and new, are concentrated in downtown Boise, offering a convenient location. Other popular Boise hotels are sited around the Boise State University campus and the ParkCenter Boulevard area, close to the airport, on the city outskirts and in nearby towns. More information about Boise Hotels.

Boise has attracted tourists for many years and the city's tourism is actively encouraged. The main tourist information center in the city is the Boise Visitors Center, with is located along Front Street. Offering a range of tourism information, leaflets about the main tourist attractions in Boise, information about the nearby wilderness areas, and advice on the best places to stay, eat and see, a visit to the Boise Visitors Center is sensible upon arriving in the city.

The weather is Boise can be extremely sunny, with more than 230 days of sunshine each year. Seasons are distinct, with hot weather during the summer, which is always one of the most popular times to visit Boise. The winter months are known for their heavy snowfalls, when the nearby Bogus Basin Resort, to the north of Boise, offers some exceptional cross-country skiing.

Boise features numerous popular tourist attractions, including the Banbury Hot Springs - featuring an outdoor pool, hot baths, Jacuzzi, camping grounds and a picnic area; Boise's Bruneau Dunes State Park Observatory - an impressive observatory situated in a stunning state park; Idaho State Capitol Building - with tours offering an insight into this charming historic building; Roaring Springs Water Park - perfect for the whole family visiting Boise, with an array of water attractions; and Zoo Boise - where visitors can see a variety of animals and birds from all over the world. More information about Boise Tourist Attractions.

Some of the best museums and art galleries in Boise include the Basque Museum and Cultural Center - providing a fascinating insight into the lives of the early Basque immigrants, with exhibits and tours; Boise Art Museum (BAM) - housing a large collection of paintings and sculptures in 15 separate gallery areas; and Idaho State Historical Museum - celebrating the area's history, with information about the pioneer settlers and Native Americans. More information about Boise Museums and Art Galleries.

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