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Delaware flagAn Atlantic Coast state that has Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as its other neighbors, Delaware is tiny when compared to other American states. In fact, the only US state that's smaller is Rhode Island. However, it can certainly boast a prominent place in the history books. Known as 'The First State', Delaware was the first to ratify the American Constitution, way back in December 1787. Its state motto is 'Liberty and Independence'.

Before the first Europeans set foot on the shores of Delaware, it was inhabited by several Native American peoples, including the Nanticoke tribe. Colonized by the Dutch and then the English, Delaware was one of the 13 colonies that took part in the American Revolution.

Nowadays, Delaware presents a very tidy front. It is a relatively well-off place, characterized by pleasant towns, set against a gentle rural backdrop. Delaware also has some lovely beaches, including Rehoboth Beach, and these have become popular areas for leisure-seekers. In recent years, the state's popularity has been given a boost because of its attractive corporation law, elevating it to the status of a corporate haven. In turn, this has meant that cities such as Wilmington are growing at an amazing rate.

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World Guide to Dover, DE, USA
A small and rather stately capital, Dover sits next to the Delaware River and dates from the 1680s. These days, the city of Dover is well-known for its illustrious international speedway, which is sited on the North Dupont Highway.

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