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Nuevo Leon flagTucked away in the north-eastern part of Mexico, Nuevo León is most definitely a state of two halves. In the north, urban life rules. By way of contrast, life in the south runs at a much slower pace. For a start, it is much more rural - the few people who live here tend to be involved in farming in some way or other. It is also much drier, which can prove to be quite a challenge for agriculture.

Over 80% of Nuevo León's residents live in and around Monterrey, the state capital city. An astonishing number of major international companies have their headquarters here, which means that this city has become the lynchpin of the state's burgeoning economy. With its air-conditioned shopping centres and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Monterrey is a thoroughly modern city. The standard of living here is the highest in any Latin American city. In fact, you could be mistaken for thinking you are in America rather than Mexico.

Away from the bustle of central Monterrey, it is surprisingly easy to get closer to nature. A popular weekend retreat for worn-out city folk is the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park. Forest trails wind through the park, which is also home to Saddle Mountain, an iconic landmark that dominates the skyline.

In recent years, Nuevo León has well and truly embraced the concept of adventure tourism with an impressive array of activities available to visitors, from canyoning and hiking to caving and mountain biking. La Huasteca is a major climbing area in the state. Climbers come in their droves to test out their skills on its steep limestone rockface. The 1980s and 1990s saw the introduction of sport climbing into the area.

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World Guide to Monterrey, Mexico
Capital of Mexico's state of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey is amongst the country's largest cities. Visitors to Monterrey will immediately be intrigued by its American character and dramatic backdrop, provided by the Sierra Madre Mountains.

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