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Baja California Sur flagBaja California Sur clings to the bottom half of the Baja peninsula, an unbroken and narrow strip of land that is bordered on two sides by sea and has somehow, over the years, gained a reputation for being a bit different. It is the most northerly of the Mexican states and, in fact, didn't become a state in its own right until 1974. Since then, change has come fast and furious to this previously untamed place. Property has been snapped up, quiet towns have become considerably livelier, and condos have sprung up in all directions.

La Paz, like many towns and cities in this most mystical of Mexican states, has become something of a tourist hotspot. Particularly popular are the city's many 'balnearios'. These Latin American versions of seaside resorts tend to be anything but peaceful, thanks to the crowds of tourists who come here to soak up the hot summer sun or simply to party. A well-worn path also wends its way to the popular resort of Cabo San Lucas, better known as Cabo, which has some great scuba diving, surfing waves and sandy beaches.

It is still possible to enjoy a taste of the quiet life in Baja California Sur. Head out onto the open Baja road to stumble across stunning scenery and tiny unspoiled villages. If you happen to like island-life and nature watching, then so much the better.

Keen sailors can head out of the crowded marinas to explore the more tranquil waters of the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the myriad of tiny island coves nearby. Venture seaward from October onwards and there is even a good chance of spotting a pod of grey whales as they make their way to spend the winter in the warm lagoons of Baja.

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Cabo San Lucas is gaining quite a reputation as a tourist resort and has a superb selection of beaches and related water sports. Lots of bars, eateries and nightspots are based around the coastline of Cabo San Lucas and its boulevard.

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