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Quebec flagQuebec might be the only province in Canada to have French as its official language, but when you look at the landscape of the place, it is abundantly clear that you are not in Europe - you are in Canada. It is hard not to be enchanted by the province's diverse scenery, which takes in everything from rolling hills and forests to dramatic mountain ranges and fringes of rugged coastal cliffs.

The Gaspé Peninsula was once the isolated home of Acadian settlers attracted by rich pickings from the sea. Today, its beaches and cliffs are a popular destination for tourists. One of the most iconic landmarks of the area is the Rocher Percé, a famous limestone rock of huge proportions. Visitors outside of the busy tourist season can look forward to having the place to themselves.

Quebec's two main cities, Quebec City and Montreal, couldn't be more different. Quebec City lies at the very center of all things Francophone in Canada. Most of its residents are native French speakers. Its Old Town is positively soaked in history, making it feel very different to most North American cities. In fact, the city and its streets are akin to a living museum, something that hasn't gone unnoticed by UNESCO. During the summer, there's plenty going on in the city, from festivals and street performances to museums and heritage tours. In the winter, there's always the Winter Carnival for some chilly entertainment, with its magical ice sculptures and snow sled rides.

Montreal does have a certain European charm, but it is the city's busy mix of North American and other influences that really draws in the crowds. In recent years, Montreal has become seriously trendy thanks to its cultural hotchpotch of restaurants, clubs and music. It is also a fairly relaxed sort of place where you are best leaving your sightseeing itinerary at home. You never know where the whim will take you.

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World Guide to Montreal, QC, Canada
Montreal is a vast metropolis and Canada's second-largest city. Situated in the state of Quebec (QC), Montreal is known for its distinct English / French flavor and the city's skyline features many spectacular glass skyscrapers.
World Guide to Quebec City, QC, Canada
Quebec City is the very heart of the country's French culture and stands alongside the St. Lawrence River, offering a rich past. The Old Town area is surrounded by historic fortifications and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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