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Pernambuco flagPernambuco might be one of the smallest of Brazil's states, but it is also probably one of the most disparate. From big city life in the capital of Recife to exotic pristine beaches along its coast, life in this north-eastern state seems to beat to a steady rhythm.

Recife lies at the heart of the state and has done so since the earliest Portuguese colonists arrived in the early 16th century. Nowadays, the city is best known for its lively creative arts scene and annual Carnaval, when entertainment in the city reaches new, more euphoric heights. Although Recife has firmly embraced a more modern side to life, with its glass-walled office buildings, the city still has a down-to-earth feel.

Just next door, Olinda is the epitome of peace and quiet in comparison. This former colonial capital has emerged as one of the most picturesque of Pernambuco's towns. Historic churches and mansions, as well as museums and galleries, are all part of the attraction for history and art lovers. So too are the craft workshops that can be found on many a winding street.

The beaches of Carne de Vaca in the far north and Coroa Grande in the far south are just a few to be found along Pernambuco's long stretch of coastline. Warm pools, calm waters and seemingly never-ending sunshine combine to make Pernambuco a holidaymakers' hotspot.

Pernambuco stretches beyond its sandy beaches to encompass a truly tropical retreat of a place, sitting on an archipelago many miles into the Atlantic Ocean. Fernando do Noronha is actually a group of 21 volcanic islands that can be reached by plane or cruise boat. Visitors come here for the wealth of marine wildlife, good scuba diving opportunities and exotic landscape.

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World Guide to Recife, Brazil
A coastal city and capital of Pernambuco, Recife has never been more popular. While the sandy beaches around Recife may be the main draw, the city also features a water park, zoo, sports stadium and a number of quality museums.

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