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Castilla y León flagCastilla y León (Castile and León) is like no other region in Spain. Its climate is harsh, its landscape is rugged and the vista is huge. In fact, it is the largest region in Spain. Any villages in the region are far and few between. Take a trip here and you may find that you are travelling from one impressive city to another, with few stopping-off points in between.

Two such notable cities happen to be the highlights of this fascinating region. Salamanca is by no means a large city and yet when it comes to elegance, it is head and shoulders above many other Spanish cities. Most memorable are its abundance of Churrigueresque-style buildings and richly decorated sandstone facades. Salamanca is more than just an assemblage of old buildings. In fact, the city boasts a lively and youthful beating heart, thanks to the students who attend its university, which is the most prestigious in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe.

Likewise, León, once the capital of the Kingdom of León, has what is reputed to be one of the finest of Spain's cathedrals, as well as a picturesque Old Town and a student population that competes to make this city the most vibrant in the region.

Finally, don't miss out on Segovia, a gem of a place thanks to its honey-tinted mansions and cathedral, grand squares, Roman aqueduct and impressive Alcázar castle.

For those who prefer to steer away from the well-trodden tourist trail, all that is necessary is to pull off the main road and head into the region's more remote areas, such as its mountains and national parks. Here, traditions are still followed to the letter - no more so than when it comes to cuisine. Safe to say that Castilla y León specialises in what can best be described as hearty fare.

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