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Castile-La Mancha flagCastile-La Mancha is huge when you compare it with other Spanish regions. It is also one of the most diverse parts of the country, with a landscape that ranges from flat, unremitting plain to one of dramatic hillsides. Surprisingly, though, few people who travel through the region - either heading from northern Spain via Madrid to Andalucia in the south, or to Portugal in the west - get to appreciate the treasures that can be found within.

One of those treasures is Cuenca, perched above a deep gorge in a quite extraordinary fashion. Many of the houses in this remarkable town seem to defy gravity, dangling precariously over the cliff's edge. One of them just happens to be a particularly fine museum of modern abstract art.

The gem in the crown of Castille-La Mancha has to be the city of Toledo. It is Toledo's mass of historic buildings and monuments that lend it an atmosphere of being one big museum. Included among its many attractions are a medieval castle, a cathedral and a 15th-century monastery. The historic town of Siguenza is also something special. Despite its turbulent past, the town has managed to rebuild many of its best historic buildings, including its castle, which is perched on high.

South of Toledo is the heartland of Castile-La Mancha. There is no escaping the connection between Castile-La Mancha and the romantic adventures of one Don Quixote and his trusty sidekick Sancho Panza, which were set in the region. A series of routes have been designed which match various points in the novel and take in those famous windmills. The trail is well-signposted for avid Quixote fans, who can follow the exploits of this legendary gentleman-cum-knight.

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World Guide to Toledo, Spain
Declared as a national monument, Toledo, a small city found on a Castilian hilltop overlooking the Rio Tajo (River Tagus), was once the Spanish capital. It is still the religious centre of Spain and locals often refer to Toledo as 'The Imperial City'.

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