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County Londonderry flagCome to County Londonderry and you should definitely bring some decent outdoor gear, because you are sure to find it impossible to resist exploring some of the most diverse geography to be found in Northern Ireland.

Dominating the southern part of the county are the Sperrin Mountains, which rate as one of the largest hilly areas in Ireland. To the north, the county stretches as far as the banks of Lough Neagh - the largest lake in Ireland, as well as the rugged Atlantic coastline - with its steep cliffs, hidden caves and great beaches. The Giant's Causeway Coastal Route runs through County Londonderry, ending in the city of Derry itself. In between, the scenery is no less dramatic; its ancient deciduous forests are punctuated by the roar of tumbling waterfalls.

The city of Derry, or Londonderry as it is officially known, is the main attraction for sightseers in the west of the county. Whilst it may not be one of the most picturesque cities in these parts, Derry has a lot going for it nowadays. It is the only city in Ireland to still have its walls intact, which is particularly impressive when you consider that they date back to the 17th century. Also worth a look are the greater-than-lifesize Bogside murals, created to record some of the events from the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland. As you would expect, there are plenty of lively pubs for a spot of en route refreshment.

Links are often made to County Londonderry's rich artistic and musical heritage. This part of Northern Ireland was the childhood home of Seamus Heaney, renowned Irish poet and playwright, as well as the Irish dramatist Brian Friel. It also produced the 1970s' band 'The Undertones'.

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World Guide to Derry, Northern Ireland
Filled with Irish character, Derry was formerly known as Londonderry and serves as Northern Ireland's second-largest city. Derry has managed to leave its troubled past behind and is graced by some 17th-century city walls.

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