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County Limerick flagMention Limerick and you can't help but think of a certain type of humorous rhyming verse. Whilst County Limerick is generally assumed to be the place of origin for this 'poetic' form, there is certainly much more to this part of Ireland than witty poetry.

If you can see beyond the crowds, the pretty village of Adare and the surrounding area are undeniably worth more than a quick look. Adare itself is particularly popular with wedding couples who come here to create the perfect photo album of their big day.

On a fine summer's day, there is nothing better than a stroll around the horseshoe shaped Lough Gur - a tranquil spot at the foot of Knockadoon Hill, or a trip to the nearby Grange stone circle - reputed to be the largest of its kind in Ireland. The walkway that runs along the riverbank of Clare Glens offers great views and, if temperatures allow, the river is also a good place to dip a toe in the water.

The city of Limerick hasn't always had the best of reputations. The novel by Frank McCourt, 'Angela's Ashes', features several Limerick locations and has done little to rid the city of its gritty image from the past. Like many of Ireland's cities, though, it is turning to a continental-style cafe culture to reinvent itself and bring back the tourists. The University Concert Hall, which is the home of the Irish Chamber Orchestra, is now an important cultural centre for the city.

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World Guide to Limerick, Republic of Ireland
A sizeable coastal city located in western Ireland, close to Shannon, Limerick is very much a mixture of old and new. The city offers plenty to fill a few days, with the Viking heritage of King John's Castle appealing to many.

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