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Lower Saxony flagSituated in the north-western part of Germany, Lower Saxony is hard to quantify. Unlike many other German states - Bavaria, for example - it doesn't appear to have a particularly strong identity. In fact, it is more of a mix of all things German than anything else.

Most of Lower Saxony's main cities, including Hanover, can be found in the south of the state. Over the years, the provincial capital has found it hard to shake off its image as a city that is less than entertaining. It is true that there are plenty of trade fairs here, making it easy to think that is all there is to the place.

What is perhaps less well appreciated is that Hanover manages to combine medieval and modern quite admirably, with museums and modern science parks sitting comfortably on the same page of the map book. There are also plenty of opportunities to delve into Lower Saxony's rich cultural mosaic, thanks to several interesting museums. The beautiful Herrenhauser Gardens are unrivalled as a scenic picnic spot.

The other main city in Lower Saxony, Wolfsburg, is nicknamed 'Golfsburg' because of its long-established links with the Volkswagen motor company. The automobile theme continues unabated in Autostadt, a futuristically designed theme park and science centre that interestingly also happens to feature the largest glass doors in the world.

Away from the urban bustle, Lower Saxony has a varied landscape that, in the north, includes a stretch of coastline. The Wadden Sea is widely seen as one of the last untouched landscapes left in Europe. Head south and tourists can enjoy higher altitude pursuits in the Harz Mountains, an area that has also been appreciated by many a poet and painter. Misty moorland and craggy mountain slopes showcase an altogether wilder side to Lower Saxony's landscape.

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World Guide to Hanover, Germany
Hanover is a medieval city and is the capital of the Lower Saxony state. Based around the River Leine and near to Eilenreide, Hanover contains a large fairground, where many world-class trade fairs and expos take place each year.