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(Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany)

Picture of Hanover cityscapeThe medieval city of Hanover (Hannover in German), capital of the Lower Saxony state, stands around the River Leine and close to the expansive Eilenreide, which borders the city to the east. Central Hanover is fairly compact and despite serious bombing in the Second World War, still retains a true historic character, with many reconstructions of period buildings and renovated architecture.

The Hanover Fairground is amongst the city's top draw cards and hosts some enormous trade fairs and expos, when hoards of visitors descend on the area. Hanover is also known for its universities and educational institutions, its huge zoological gardens, and its tourism in general. Tourist brochures are in good supply at both the Hanover Tourist Information Centre (Hannover Tourismus) on Ernst-August-Platz, and also at the eye-catching Neues Rathas tower, which also boasts observation platforms and cityscape views.

View of Kropcke Square

Hanover Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

A great way to explore Hanover is to take a walking tour of Old Town, where you will learn a host of information about Hanover's historic Old Town district and its many important buildings. Other top tourist attractions in the city include Hanover Congress Centrum - hosting many of the city's premier events and concerts; Sea Life Grossaquarium - the city's 'Big Aquarium' complete with glass tunnel and rain forest areas; Hanover Zoo - full of animals, housed within naturalistic enclosures and themed areas; Eilenriede Park - a vast public space, combining both woodlands and expanses of grassland; and Herrenhauser Gardens - offering landscaping on a grand scale, with a grottos and famed Grosser Garden (Large Garden). More information about Hanover Tourist Attractions.

View of the city, with the New Town Hall in the backgroundLandmarks in Hanover are both old and new, natural and man-made. Particularly notable is the Aegidienkirche - extremely picturesque remains of a 10th-century church; Kropcke Square - central to city life and located within the heart of Old Town Hanover; Maschsee Lake - an enormous water playground where you are able to enjoy boating, together with waterfront restaurants and beer gardens; Hanover Town Halls (Rathaus) - with both an Old Town built in the middle ages, and a contrasting New Town Hall nearby; and Waterlooplatz / Waterloo Memorial - a grand column commemorating the Battle of Waterloo. More information about Hanover Landmarks.

Picture of the Grosser Garten, part of the Herrenhauser GardensCultural attractions within Hanover include many interesting museums and noteworthy galleries. Look out for the Lower Saxony State Museum - with a wealth of information about the region's ancient past; Historical Museum (Historisches Museum) - featuring portraits, local 17th-century artefacts and a collection of medals; Hanover State Museum (Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum) - boasting ethnological relics and displays about the city's past; Sprengel Museum - an impressive art gallery, with paintings by leading artists, such as Picasso and Klee; and the Wilhelm Busch Museum - an unusual collection of cartoons, graphics and similarly styled German art works. More information about Hanover Museums and Hanover Art Galleries.

Picture showing local palaceClose to Hanover are many further tourist sights and attractions, located in neighbouring cities, towns and villages. Hamburg is within reach of Hanover, a true city of culture, being home to around 80 museums and approximately 25 theatres, while nearby Marienburg is best known for its spectacular castle, the Schloss Marienburg. Also worth a visit is the old market place and its historic architecture within Gottingen, the official Pied Piper trail in Hamelin, and the huge number of timber-framed buildings within the medieval town of Celle. More information about Hanover Attractions Nearby.

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