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Berlin Brandenburg flagBerlin-Brandenburg emerged as a new state following the turbulent events of reunification between East Germany and West Germany. At its very centre, quite literally, is the city of Berlin. Over the years, Germany's capital city has had a rough deal, including being suddenly divided into two by a concrete wall. Since those heady early post-Wall days, Berlin has settled down well to a life in the fast lane.

Today, Berlin bathes in the warm glow of knowing that it lies at the heart of European politics, music and, in fact, German culture in general. Of course, that doesn't mean that it has forgotten the tricky path trodden by Berliners for so many years. Checkpoint Charlie and the last vestiges of the Berlin Wall are as famous as other iconic landmarks, such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Norman Foster-remodelled Reichstag building, and Unter den Linden, once the promenade of choice for most Berliners.

Head out of Berlin by car or on the 'S-Bahn' and it is surprising just how quickly you can put the city's hustle and bustle to the back of your mind. Completely surrounding the city of Berlin, Brandenburg is a gentle giant of a place that is known more for its wildlife than its nightlife. Forests and fields make up the mile upon mile of Brandenburg's natural landscape, much of which is carefully protected in the form of natural reserves. Lakes and rivers - including the Oder and Spree, wind their way through wetlands that are best explored by boat or by bike on one of the many cycle paths introduced in recent years.

For centuries, the city of Potsdam lay at the heart of the Kingdom of Prussia and all things royal. This jewel in Brandenburg's crown reasserted its status when the Allies chose to hold their historic post-war conference here at the end of World War Two. Today, Potsdam still has a certain Versailles' opulence about it, boasting splendid architecture that includes grand palaces, as well as some impressive parks.

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The city of Berlin, Germany is built around the River Spree in Bundesland, the federal state of Brandenburg. Berlin is Germany's capital city and has undergone enormous changes in the past 100 years. It is now a very exciting city to visit.