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Cambridgeshire flagSpend a weekend break in Cambridgeshire and you can be forgiven for thinking that the university city of Cambridge is pretty much all there is to this most English of counties. Cambridge is undeniably the jewel in the crown of Cambridgeshire. Forget prestige for a moment - just in terms of history and beautiful architecture it is worth at least a short stroll, or even a punt down the city's Backs.

It is impossible - and indeed it would be churlish, to ignore the fact that Cambridgeshire is home to Cambridge University and that ancient colleges can be found in abundance here. You will need plenty of shoe leather if you intend to explore all of the colleges and historic buildings that are open to the public, including the 15th-century Queens' College and Emmanuel College.

Linger a little longer, though, and it soon becomes clear that Cambridgeshire has another, less academically orientated side to it. This eastern county was once a submerged plain. Its fertile land has been reclaimed and the result is a landscape that is so flat you'd struggle to get puffed out, whether you are on two feet or two wheels. The county's mile upon mile of paths, towpaths and tracks just beg to be explored. They take you through countryside that is peppered with a maze of waterways and lush, green fields. Venture into its towns, and you will discover a myriad of small shops and museums that demand you poke round them before stopping for afternoon tea and cake.

It is worth remembering, too, that Cambridgeshire is home to two very impressive cathedrals that rise majestically out of the Cambridgeshire countryside. In the north of the county, there's Peterborough Cathedral. Ely Cathedral, which dominates the city of the same name, towers above a watery backdrop and has quite rightly earned itself the nickname of 'Ship of the Fens'.

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World Guide to Cambridge, England
The unique university city of Cambridge has attracts students for almost 800 years and Cambridge is a beautiful city in England. The River Cam runs through the centre of Cambridge and this is a popular place for Cambridge punting.
World Guide to Peterborough, England
Frequently referred to as the shopping capital of Cambridgeshire, Peterborough is home to the malls of Queensgate, Serpentine Green and Rivergate. The historic Cathedral Precinct adds much interest for sightseers.

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