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New South Wales flagAsk any Australian where they live and you can bet your bottom dollar they are from the eastern state of New South Wales. Over a third of the Australian population lives here. It is where modern Australia began, and today, it is where it is still all happening.

The pedigree of New South Wales stretches back to the days of Captain James Cook. In the late 18th century, a colony was founded here and it generated sufficient curiosity back in old England to cause Charles Darwin to pay a visit in 1836. Following in Darwin's trail are crowds of tourists, all intent on sampling the 'New South Wales experience'. That generally means heading straight to Sydney, to take in the city's awe inspiring harbour, contemplate a plethora of surf and sail opportunities, and fit in a coffee or two in one of Sydney's lively cafes.

Of course, there is more to New South Wales than a bunch of city streets, no matter how glitzy and cool they might be. This is a state that is well suited to taking a road trip. In fact, a road trip might be the only way to get to grips with the sheer complexity of this vast geographical space. In the summer, New South Wales is a place where you can drive and drive, taking in dense bushland, winding mountain roads, snaking rivers, remote national parks, shimmering sand dunes, vineyards and tiny country towns.

Come winter, though, it is time to take to the slopes of the state's Snowy Mountains, casually known as the Snowies. Skis and snowboards come out to play in this alpine wonderland, although quite frankly it is enough just to stand and marvel at Mount Kosciuszko, the highest of Australia's mountains and a positive scenic delight, with or without the white powder.

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