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Wyoming flagThe western US state of Wyoming can sometimes seem a solitary sort of place. It is one of the largest states in America, but it is also the least populous. Most of the western part of Wyoming is covered in mountains, while much of the east is high prairie. The popular image of cowboys riding the range still persists here - this is the 'Cowboy State' after all. The state is also known for its world of small town pageants and rodeos.

Today, most visitors come to Wyoming to enjoy the scenic splendor of its national parks. The Yellowstone National Park is the best known of the bunch. Reputed to be the first park of its kind in the world, Yellowstone offers as much in the way of nostalgia as it does for its awe inspiring landscape. It is home to hundreds of outstanding natural features, including a supervolcano, rivers, canyons and lakes. Its geothermal attractions, most notably Old Faithful, have long been major tourist magnets. Not far from Yellowstone is the Grand Teton National Park, which includes Grand Teton itself, a popular haunt of mountaineers.

Venture off the well-beaten tourist track and it is perfectly possible to discover a more everyday version of Wyoming. Cheyenne is the state capital and also happens to be the largest of Wyoming's many cities. It is not a hive of tourist activity by any stretch of the imagination and so offers a more realistic picture of what it really means to live in America's 44th state.

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World Guide to Cheyenne, WY, USA
The biggest city in the state of Wyoming and also the state capital, Cheyenne offers up an intriguing cattle town heritage. First held in 1897, Cheyenne Frontier Days is now the world's biggest Western, cowboy and rodeo event.
World Guide to Jackson Hole, WY, USA
Around the Jackson Hole valley, the endless mountain views are quite overwhelming and truly make this one of the most captivating tourist destinations that Wyoming has to offer. Also of interest is Jackson Hole's Old West heritage.

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