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Tennessee flagThe southeastern state of Tennessee sports three stars on its flag for good reason. The state is made up of three very different areas, both geographically and legally.

The first of them, East Tennessee, is home to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Founded here in the 1930s, it is said to be one of the most popular parks in America today, with around nine million tourists visiting each year. Then there's Middle Tennessee, which has some lovely rolling hills and green valleys. That said, it is actually the most densely populated region in the state and, of course, is home to the city of Nashville. Last of all is West Tennessee, a swampy area of flood plain that also happens to be where you will find the city of Memphis.

Music plays a huge part in Tennessee life. Perhaps that's why it is got seven official state songs, rather than the more conventional one or two. Nashville is famous as being the birthplace of modern country music. For singing hopefuls, a trip to Nashville is a shot at making it big in the country music world. For others, it is more of a chance to worship at the alter of 'the Nashville Sound', or make a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Grand Ole Opry. Memphis, of course, will be forever linked with hip-swinging Elvis Presley. This friendly city is also seen by many as the birthplace of the blues. Listen carefully and you may even hear stirring gospel music wafting out of the windows of a nearby church.

During the 1940s, Tennessee was rumored to be a magnet for Soviet spies. The state was the top secret home of the Manhattan Project, which was instrumental in the creation of the world's first atomic bomb. The site at Oak Ridge is now the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which hosts some of the world's top supercomputers.

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World Guide to Chattanooga, TN, USA
Chattanooga is situated alongside the Tennessee River, with many forested areas, popular hiking trails and riverfront walks. Home to a renovated waterfront district, highlights include the Tennessee Aquarium and Lookout Mountain.
World Guide to Gatlinburg, TN, USA
Close to the magnificent Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg stands in the state of Tennessee. With a rich German history, popular attractions include the Ober Gatlinburg amusement park and skiing resort, and nearby Pigeon Forge.
World Guide to Knoxville, TN, USA
The city of Knoxville is located in the Great Valley of Knox County, near the Appalachian Mountains. Intersected by the beautiful Tennessee River, highlights include the University of Tennessee, Neyland Stadium and Sunsphere tower.
World Guide to Memphis, TN, USA
Memphis, Tennessee stands next to the Mississippi River and is most famous for being the former home of rock and roll legend, Elvis Presley. Graceland, Elvis Presley's estate in Memphis, now serves as a major pilgrimage for Elvis fans.
World Guide to Nashville, TN, USA
The 'Music City' of Nashville, capital of Tennessee, is famous for its country music and is also home to the Grand Ole Opry broadcasts. Nashville contains many live music venues and singers, making this a particularly vibrant city for tourists.

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