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Missouri flagMissouri is in Great Plains country and it would be very easy to head across it at high speed, with your foot planted firmly on the accelerator pedal. If you did, though, you'd be sure to miss out on such great cities as St. Louis and Kansas City. You would most certainly miss a trick if you didn't stop off for at least a glimpse of the Ozarks.

Despite the fact that, in the past, Missouri used to be seen as something of a Southern US state, today it is widely regarded as being classic Mid-West. It has a good mix of urban, suburban and rural residents whose opinions are thought to mirror most aspects of American life, from gay rights and medical research to politics. Since 1904, with only two exceptions, the state has voted for the winning US presidential candidate. As such, a political phenomenon has been named after this state - the 'Missouri bellwether'.

Kansas City once used to reverberate to the sound of Charlie Parker, or the 'Yardbird' as he was also known. Parker, who played in local clubs all around the city during his early career, was an influential jazz saxophonist, as well as a composer. He was also a major player in the 'bebop' movement. Meanwhile, St. Louis was the starting point for the likes of Scott Joplin and Tina Turner, who met her future partner Ike at Club Manhattan in East St. Louis.

Today, one of Missouri's top attractions for visitors to the state is Branson. The city sees around 4,000 bus loads of tourists arrive each day. Many are drawn in particular to the theaters that have grown up around the city center, including the Roy Clark Celebrity Theater, which has given a step up to many young hopefuls since its opening in the 1980s.

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World Guide to Branson, MO, USA
Although the population of Branson is only just above 6,000, the city is a massive entertainment destination and attracts over seven million visitors every year. Branson is located in the state of Missouri (MO), near to the Ozark lakes.
World Guide to Jefferson City, MO, USA
Named after the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, the Missouri capital has its origins in the late 18th century. Jefferson City grew up by the Missouri River and sits on the northerly side of the scenic Ozark Plateau.
World Guide to Kansas City, MO, USA
Kansas City is a historic trading post, founded in the 1820s, when the city became a major cattle center. These days, this is a large and open city, situated on the Missouri and Kansas state line, with many boulevards, parklands and fountains.
World Guide to St. Louis, MO, USA
Standing along the banks of the Mississippi River, St. Louis can be found in the Saint Louis City County, Missouri. Founded in 1764, the city is known for its spectacular Gateway Arch landmark, which dominates the skyline.

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