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Minnesota flagMinnesota counts as one of the most northerly of America's states. It is popularly known as 'The Land of 10,000 Lakes'. Head 'up north' and you will soon see why. The biggest is Lake Superior. As you would expect, boating is hugely popular here.

It is not just lakes that impress first-time visitors to this state. When northern prairie meets the North Woods, the result is mile upon mile of wilderness trails that should satisfy even the most ardent hiker. Central Minnesota is home to over 70 golf courses. It is little wonder, then, that outdoor activities are hugely popular with resident Minnesotans. Indeed, it is been rated as one of the healthiest states in the US today.

This is American Mid-west country. It was mapped out by some of America's most famous pioneers of the 17th century, including the French soldier Daniel Greysolon. Minnesota was once full of logging centers and farms. They were the mainstay of the state's economy. However, the discovery of iron here in the 19th century led to the growth of a number of industries. Many folk migrated from Minnesota's rural areas in the 20th century, moving to such places as Minneapolis and neighboring Saint Paul, the latter of which became the state capital in 1858. Together, they make up the 15th-biggest urban area in the US.

When it comes to planning its annual festivities, Minnesota thinks big. Over the years, the Minnesota State Fair has taken on iconic proportions. Almost two million people visit these days. Its most memorable features have to be the butter sculpture that is traditionally made of the winning dairy princess, as well as the fattest pig competition. Carnivals and Christian music festivals also loom large on the Minnesotan calendar. There is even a Judy Garland Festival.

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World Guide to Minneapolis, MN, USA
Minneapolis, affectionately named the 'City of Lakes', is to be found on the westerly banks of the Mississippi River and is an especially vibrant, busy and clean city. Filled with modern skyscrapers, Minneapolis is close to St. Paul, its 'twin city'.
World Guide to Saint Paul, MN, USA
Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota state and stands next to the Mississippi River and Minneapolis, its proverbial 'Twin City'. The city offers an endless list of sights to see, such as Como Zoo, Fort Snelling and the Minnesota History Center.

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