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South Glamorgan flagSituated in the most southerly part of Wales, South Glamorgan boasts both coast and countryside. Although it is easy to get carried away with all the urban glitz and glamour of Cardiff, it is just as easy to slip away to somewhere quieter. One thing's for sure, South Glamorgan isn't short of tranquil bolt holes. The Vale of Glamorgan has miles of unspoiled coastline, complete with dramatic cliffs and hidden coves.

It is hard to ignore Cardiff, which positively glows with pride as the capital of Wales. By day and by night, its streets echo to the sound of footsteps as visitors soak up the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy Cardiff's more-than-ample supply of shops, theatres and restaurants. The city's Millennium Stadium echoes to the roar of crowds, whether they're out to enjoy a music concert or a Six Nations Rugby championship.

If you come to South Glamorgan, however, you really can't leave without spending at least an hour or two at the seaside resort of Barry Island. Actually, it is not really an island, more of a peninsula. In the winter, it lends itself to solitary strolls by the sea. In the summer, Barry Island has something of a personality change. It comes alive to the sound of its very own Pleasure Park, boasting good old-fashioned seaside entertainment, such as dodgems and amusement arcades, as well as a few rollercoasters for its more thrillseeking visitors.

For a glimpse of a more sedate side to South Glamorgan, there is nowhere better to look than Glamorgan County Cricket Club, which has its base in Cardiff. Back in 1921, it made its debut as a first-class club and, today, is still the only one of its kind in Wales.

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Cardiff, is Europe's youngest capital city and Cardiff has been the capital city of Wales for around 50 years. Home to an enormous amount of urban regeneration, Cardiff has recently become one of the most fashionable cities in the UK.

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