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Community of Madrid flagThere is more to Madrid than a large city and lots of people. The surrounding countryside of the wider Community of Madrid is a rich patchwork of high mountain peaks, pine tree forests and river valleys.

When a city has a reputation for being a friendly place, you know that you are in for a treat. Helpful locals combine with some very lively restaurants, bars and clubs to make Madrid one of Spain's best-loved treasures. Add onto all that a plentiful supply of extraordinary art galleries and museums, including the Museo del Prado and the utterly splendid Palacio Real, and you get the picture. Above all, though, Madrid is all about living in the moment. And where better to do that than from a terrace cafe on the Plaza Mayor when the sun is shining, or from a seat on the manicured lawns of the Parque del Buen Retiro.

To the north-west of the city of Madrid is the conveniently located La Pedriza, part of the Sierra de Guadarrama range, with its dramatic rocks and granite outcrops, network of hiking trails and bewildering choice of rock climbing routes. It is little wonder that come the weekend, folk spill out of the big city of Madrid and head for the hills.

If it is history you want, rather than hiking, then the city of Aranjuez should fit the bill nicely. Situated south of the capital, Aranjuez is classed as a Royal Estate, a title it has held since the 16th century. As well as an impressive Royal Palace, there is a Royal Theatre, Royal Convent and Royal Country Estate.

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World Guide to Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain's capital city is situated almost at the geographical epicentre of the country on a high central plain and is at the heart of the Spanish political systems. Visitors to Madrid cannot help but be drawn to the spirit of the city.

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