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Limburg flagLimburg stands out from the crowd as unlike most Dutch regions, it can actually boast a hill or two. The southern part of Limburg lures in tourists, partly for the novelty of being able to walk uphill, but also because the landscape here is particularly attractive, with its orchards of blossoming fruit trees and pretty woodland walks.

The southern part of the region is home to the highest point in the Netherlands. The Vaalserberg is situated at the point where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet. 'Three-Country Point' is a popular place for tourists to have their photos taken. It is also great for getting a panoramic view over this unusual meeting of borders, although it is necessary to pop into Belgium to climb a viewing tower.

Limburg's more southerly attractions aren't just about the landscape. In the south is the city of Maastricht, widely regarded as one of the most picturesque places in the Netherlands, the jewel in its crown. Wander through the streets of the city and you will be amazed to see Roman ruins, along with architecture that has a hint of French influence.

The city's cafes line its cobbled streets and its stylish restaurants have a reputation for cosmopolitan fine dining, while the River Maas flows elegantly through the city. In 1991, Maastricht played a key role in the development of the present-day European Union, when the city was chosen to host the signing of a new European treaty.

Down-to-earth northern Limburg sits in complete contrast. It is more ostensibly Dutch for a start, with its historic towns and churches, set against a backdrop of farmland and the meandering River Meuse. Home to two national parks, including the De Groote Peel with its well-known lake, the area around Venlo recently hosted the Floriade, a major horticultural expo.

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World Guide to Maastricht, Netherlands
Situated on the southerly side of the Netherlands, Maastricht is especially close to the Belgian and German borders. Maastricht is a historic Dutch city and its pan-European character is reflected around its cultural heart of Vrijthof Square.

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