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Lombardy flagThe Italian region of Lombardy sounds almost too good to be true, with its stylish, cutting-edge capital city, historic towns and quaint medieval villages, not to mention a chic lakeside resort or two. Lombardy's landscape is certainly as diverse as they come. The only downside of this northern Italian region is that a holiday here doesn't come cheap.

Lombardy just happens to be one of the priciest regions in the whole of Italy. Obviously, it is a price that millions of people are prepared to pay. The capital, Milan, is the second-most visited tourist destination in Italy. Milan is famous for its cathedral and such historic landmarks as the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, home to Leonardo da Vinci's 'Last Supper' mural. Recently, Milan has also acquired a reputation for being the diva of the haute couture world. Keep a look out for familiar company names above the city's doors, from Valentino and Versace to Armani and Prada.

A trip to the northern part of Lombardy has its own rewards, most notably views of its glacial blue lakes, which glisten invitingly in the summer sunshine. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and also one of the busiest. Lakes Como and Maggiore are equally spectacular. It is well worth exploring the picturesque villages that nestle close to the lakes' shorelines.

South of the lakes, and by no means overshadowed by them, are the region's most historic cities. Cremona is said to have once rivalled Milan in terms of both size and wealth. Bergamo has more medieval, Renaissance and baroque architecture than you could ever hope to admire in a weekend and includes the pretty San Vigilio neighbourhood. Brescia's rich heritage is disguised behind a more modern exterior, but nonetheless is well worth seeking out.

For centuries, Lombardy has enjoyed a strong musical tradition, with Milan at its centre. The opera composer Giuseppe Verdi spent a great deal of time in the city, while Milan's Teatro alla Scala is one of the top opera houses in the whole of Italy. Cremona has also played a part in musical history, being widely regarded as the birthplace of the violin.

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