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Emilia-Romagna flagLife is good in Emilia-Romagna. For a start, it is classed as one of the richest regions in Europe. A whole host of luxury car makers are based here, including such automotive legends as Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Emilia-Romagna is also home to a vast array of cultural and historic attractions, thanks to the rich Roman and Renaissance heritage of many of its towns and cities.

The regional capital, Bologna, has one of the most impressive portfolios of medieval buildings in Italy, with palaces jostling ancient towers and porticoes. It doesn't take visitors to Bologna very long to work out that the city is also the culinary centre of Italy. Menus bristle with regional specialities that are now eaten the world over, such as 'tortellini' and 'tagliatelle'. Balsamic vinegar can only be made in the region's cities of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Likewise, a select number of cities in Emilia-Romagna produce that cheesy delicacy, Parmigiano Reggiano.

Other major cities in the region include Modena, situated north of Bologna. With its medieval centre, splendid palaces and Romanesque cathedral, it stands out from the crowd. That said, the cities of Parma and Ferrara aren't short of picturesque piazzas and Renaissance architecture either.

Take a break from all that history and culture by heading to Emilia-Romagna's Adriatic Coast, where resorts include Italy's best-loved seaside town of Rimini. It is also known as the home of Federico Fellini, that much-admired and multi-Oscar-winning Italian film director.

Alternatively, travel south to the scenic hillsides of the Apennines to find out why Emilia-Romagna has earned itself the accolade of the greenest region in Italy. As well as being dotted with castles, this area includes the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Among its ancient beech trees is Italy's largest adventure park.

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