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Campania flagCampania oozes Mediterranean appeal and has become one of the most visited parts of southern Italy. Attractions include Naples, the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, the charming isle of Capri, and a wealth of cultural and historic delights.

Situated at the heart of Campania, Naples is a city of two halves. On the one hand, there are grimy streets, traffic fumes and fast-talking stallholders keen to sell you a pair of sunglasses. It all feels a bit rough and ready. On the other hand, amidst this sprawling city there are areas that are much more chic, with spacious boulevards, cool bars and restaurants, and plenty of fashionable shops.

South of Naples is the package holiday town of Sorrento, once the home of sirens who, according to mythology, lived in the bay, luring sailors to their death. Stretched out along the bottom of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast makes frequent appearances on tourist posters. Photogenic beyond belief, the coast features lemon groves that tumble down the sides of cliffs to the azure waters below. The elegant town of Positano was immortalised by American author John Steinbeck as 'a dream place'.

Between Naples and Sorrento, Mount Vesuvius dominates the landscape of Campania. It is a ghostly and vivid reminder that not too far away is Pompeii, the town that was buried under volcanic ash during the tragic events that took place here around 2,000 years ago.

Rising from the waters of the Bay of Naples, Capri is surrounded by a certain mystique, with its cocktail-serving bars and chic cafes. Capri is unashamedly tourist-based, although it is still possible to escape the high-prices of the main tourist haunts and explore the island's more traditional side.

Campania has long enjoyed close associations with Hollywood actors and the big screen in general. The filmstar Sophia Loren grew up in the Neopolitan city of Pozzuoli. Clark Gable also starred in 'It started in Naples', a sixties' classic that used the local scenery as a backdrop.

Of course, no visit to Naples is complete without sampling at least one delicacy of the region, whether it be 'pizza frita' - literally, fried pizza - or the calorific babà cake, served with lashings of rum.

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World Guide to Amalfi, Italy
Home to an enviable shoreline which remains amongst the most stunning in Europe, Amalfi is a particular coastal highlight. The town of Amalfi serves as a small, yet popular holiday resort, with a selection of sun-drenched beaches.
World Guide to Naples, Italy
Naples is the largest city in south Italy and one of the most beautiful, particularly around the Bay of Naples. The capital city of Campania was founded by Greeks, enlarged by Romans and as a result is rich in history and architecture.
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An attractive town situated next to the acclaimed Amalfi Coast, Positano is without question one of Italy's most stunning coastal resorts. Positano's brightly coloured cliff-side houses have become something on an iconic postcard image.
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A leading Italian holiday resort with a glorious coastal situation, Sorrento manages to remain calm and appealing each summer, in spite of the influx of tourists. Tourism is widespread in Sorrento, particularly around the Piazza Tasso.

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