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Situated at the most southerly point of central Greece, the triangular-shaped region of Attica has had a powerful influence over Greek life in the past. Today, it continues to hold a great deal of sway. Attica includes the Greek capital city of Athens, as well as the busy port of Piraeus.

Athens underwent something of a transformation in 2004, when the city was given a major makeover in the lead up to the Athens Olympic Games. Despite the country's recent economic woes, it is safe to say that the city is still a much greener, more pleasant place to visit, with the past and the present coming together quite comfortably. Walking is the best way to navigate the ancient sights of Athens, something that has been made much easier thanks to the development of a traffic-free path through the city. Athens is dominated by one main landmark, the Acropolis, so keep it in your vision and it is hard to get lost here.

Attica's port of Piraeus once used to be separate from Athens, but in recent years it has found itself subsumed into the urban sprawl. Known as the 'Gateway to the Greek Islands', a trip to Piraeus means that you are but a ferry trip away from holiday paradise. Today, Piraeus has thrown off most of its ancient origins - although some vestiges of the original harbour wall still survive - preferring to sport modern office blocks and shopping centres.

As well as being at the centre of modern Greek life, Attica is where much of ancient Greek history was played out. The region was once the centre of learning, philosophy and the arts in Greece. Well-known historic sites in the east of the region include Marathon. Step back in time to the 5th century at Cape Sounio, with its temple to the sea god Poseidon and links with Homer of 'The Odyssey' fame, as well as English poet Lord Byron.

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