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State of Hamburg flagFrenetic free-port activity and a dynamism that is enough to tire even the liveliest urbanite make the city-state of Hamburg what it is today. Nicknamed the 'Gateway to the World', Hamburg is reputed to be the richest city in Germany. It is a metropolis of a place that has boomed beyond its wildest dreams and continues to take pride in its independent status.

Hamburg might be a good distance from the sea, but its location doesn't stop it being the biggest port in Germany. The city's mercantile background is reflected by its historic architecture, where there is a distinct lack of royal palaces and a plethora of grand merchant houses.

Not content to sit on its laurels, Hamburg also has its sights set on the future. The HafenCity district, which overlooks the harbour, is one of the biggest ongoing town planning projects in Europe.

Hamburg's cultural life is busy to say the least. In all, it boasts over 30 theatres and 50 state-run museums, including the Kunsthalle - the largest art gallery in Germany, and the BallinStadt - dedicated to those who emigrated to the New World. The Reeperbahn street is amongst the city's best-known areas for nightlife. In the 1960s, it became a Mecca for rock music when the Beatles paid a visit to clubs like 'Top Ten' and 'Starclub'.

Head downstream of Hamburg and you will reach the 'Altes Land', an area of reclaimed marshland that today happens to be one of the biggest fruit-growing areas in Central Europe. Traditional half-timbered farmhouses and historic towns are worth the trip out of the city on the S-Bahn. The more actively inclined can enjoy the cycle path that runs along the entire length of the River Elbe.

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World Guide to Hamburg, Germany
Second only to Berlin in both size and also population, there is no question that Hamburg is an impressive city, with much to offer its visitors. Highlights include the red-brick buildings in the Merchant's District and the Speicherstadt canals.