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West Yorkshire flagWest Yorkshire is a walkers' paradise. The Pennines march through the county, leaving a series of steep valleys, moors and gushing rivers for us to admire, step over and generally enjoy. Particularly popular is the stretch of the Pennine Way that runs from the quirky town of Hebden Bridge to the Bronte-soaked village of Haworth.

Haworth's literary connections are far from tucked away. The village is positively brimming with references to the fictional characters created by the famous sisters, especially Emily who wrote 'Wuthering Heights'. The landscape around the village is particularly fitting. On a wet day in winter, the place can seem as bleak as the world inhabited by Heathcliff.

It can come as quite a shock then to head back to the buzz of city life elsewhere in West Yorkshire. Leeds has thrown off its image as a gritty northern industrial city and positively embraced a much more hedonistic lifestyle. During the daytime, the streets are crowded with shoppers cruising the city's designer shops, while by night, clubbers are out in force looking for a good time.

Bradford is a more sedate affair compared with its more go-getting neighbour, although the city's rich multiculturalism has undoubtedly added a new air of vitality to the city. A trip to the massive IMAX screen at the National Media Museum is usually first on visitors' lists of things to do. Afterwards, curry houses are the preferred option for those out for an evening's entertainment.

There is no ignoring the fact that West Yorkshire was built on the proceeds of the wool industry. Most of its towns and cities show evidence of former mill and factory buildings. Armley Mills in Leeds and the model 'village' of Saltaire show two sides to the life of working men and women in West Yorkshire during days gone by. For the better off, life was quite different, as a trip to Harewood House, north of Leeds, demonstrates admirably.

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