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Norfolk flagIf you are a keen walker or cyclist and you want to avoid hill climbs, then Norfolk is definitely the county for you. It is renowned for being flat as a pancake, crisscrossed with inland waterways and dotted with out-of-the-way villages. Some people might consider it rather dull, whilst for others it is the perfect place to chill out.

Although Norfolk is a coastal county, it is very different from the usual array of seaside resorts you find in other parts of England. You are more likely to encounter people carrying binoculars than buckets and spades. There are several marshy nature reserves here and you really can see for miles.

The Norfolk Broads are popular with the boating fraternity and holidaymakers wanting to try out their nautical skills. Boating is a peaceful way to get about and puts you at close proximity to the Broads' myriad of birds and other wildlife. Unless you are here in peak season, it can often feel like you are the only person for miles. After you have tired of messing about on Norfolk's many rivers and lakes, you can always weigh anchor at the historic port of King's Lynn and head ashore for a spot of sightseeing and a pub lunch.

The best place to find some lively chatter in Norfolk is the county town of Norwich. Its market is reputed to be one of the oldest in the country. The town is dominated by its massive Norman castle, which has survived the ravages of centuries rather well, all considering. Nightlife in Norwich is usually the preserve of the many students who attend the university here.

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World Guide to Norwich, England
Located in Norfolk / East Anglia, the city of Norwich offers an interesting medieval past and lots of character, provided by its plentiful half-timbered buildings. The city's most important buildings are known as the 'Norwich 12'.

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